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A complete edition of the PINFALL Magazine WWE Power Rankings makes its return this week, and what a week it was to be a part of the WWE Universe! It has been declared the week of the Internet Wrestling Community, as three of the absolute favorites of this prestigious class of wrestling fans are on top of the world as the week comes to an end. Of course, I am speaking of WWE …

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WWE Smackdown 12/23 Review

Now, if you were adamantly restricted from watching or even reading results from PPVs, you would be in for quite the surprise come Smackdown, or even Raw for that matter. The landscape has completely changed, because neither Big Show or Mark Henry walked out of TLC with the World Heavyweight title. It was Daniel Bryan who cashed in the elusive Money in the Bank briefcase to steal the belt from a victorious Big Show, capturing … Read entire article »

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Hot off the heels of a solid PPV in TLC, the WWE look to keep that mojo rising. Are the doors opening up to a new era in the WWE? The once upon a time two indy stars turned two biggest champions in the business is awesome, now the WWE sets their sights on the Royal Rumble. The WWE is like a good DJ, who has been playing all the right tracks. Will they continue …

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TLC will be the last WWE PPV of the year. Looking back at the year of 2011 in the WWE, there have been a lot of amazing moments. The sky is the limit for wrestlers like Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, and Daniel Bryan. Sure, I would love to see the two brands merge, but I absolutely love the two champions right now. Mark Henry and CM Punk are superb champions and I really hope that …

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WWE Smackdown 12/16 Review

Not every episode of Smackdown can be golden. Last week wasn’t quite on that level, but it was still a marvelous follow-up to the terrible 3-Hour holiday episode. Since its the Go Home show, one would think that we should be in for a doozy. Unfortunately, WWE’s recent track record with the Smackdown before the PPV hasn’t been getting the greatest marks. Will tonight be the exception to the rule, or will I find myself … Read entire article »

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The annual Slammy Awards are tonight! We get to recap the years events and crown a new Superstar of the Year. All this plus, this is the last Monday Night Raw before the big TLC PPV. The runaway pick for Match of the Year seems to be John Cena versus CM Punk at Monday in the Bank, but you never know until the announcement is made. Triple H versus Undertaker at ‘Mania should give it …

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Smackdown was on a roll with some great episodes. It’s not to say that Smackdown normally does a mediocre job, but rather that they were putting on well-constructed episodes after a short spell of lackluster efforts. Unfortunately, the Live Smackdown completely killed all of that by stooping to a style of booking that was almost worst than the usual Raw booking. Can we attribute that bad taste left in our mouths to a themed episode? …

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The WWE has done a fine job lately with Smackdown and Raw. Last week’s Raw was a solid show from top to bottom. A few nice matches, consistent storylines, and very little Johnny Ace. As always, the next PPV is around the corner. There is one match booked so far, and that is Big Show taking on Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship. I’m definitely expecting some more matches to be announced on tonight’s …

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The WWE Championship will be on the line for the first time on a Raw since August 15th. Tonight, we find out if Alberto Del Rio can avenge his Survivor Series loss. As if that is not enough, Roddy Piper is in the house. He will have John Cena as his guest on Piper’s Pit. This is an action-packed edition of Monday Night Raw. Randy Orton takes on Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder battles Jack …

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WWE Smackdown 11/25 Review

What a roller coaster ride tonight’s episode of Smackdown was. And not some lame cheezy roller coaster, the kind that you want to ride again and again. From the beginning to end it was a real fun journey. Good matches with solid story lines. Smackdown has proven for a while now that they are the “A” show. A little preview, Daniel Bryan is heavily featured on this episode, and there is an excellent tag team … Read entire article »

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