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WWE Monday Night Raw 11/7 Review

I couldn’t be happier about Raw being in Liverpool. The United Kingdom really brings the noise at every opportunity, and they really added a lot of creativity and fun to the show tonight. Some interesting developments occurred during this Raw. Once again, Punk spits fire on the mic and Morrison tries to end his losing streak. In the main event, it’s Awesome Truth against the dynamic duo of John Cena and Zack Ryder. Zack Ryder … Read entire article »

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It was a bizarre week in WWE land, to say the least, as the Muppets invaded Monday Night Raw. While I totally get the purpose of bringing them on to promote the upcoming Muppets 3D movie and cater to the younger audience, the severe setback the furry guest stars provided for the development of major storylines was simply unnecessary as WWE builds to one of its biggest pay-per-view events of the year in Survivor …

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/4 Review

In general, this Smackdown was made of quality. A lot of the main feuds are touched upon in some way, and most of the matches were worth the view. If everything is how I’m expecting, this sets in motion events that can lead to a Traditional Survivor Series Tag Match including Orton, Rhodes, Christian, Sheamus, Barrett, and possibly others. The usual issue arises again as there seem to be a few odd booking decisions, leaving … Read entire article »

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FCW 10/30 Review

Another week brings us another episode of FCW. I look forward to this show. Hopefully, it’s something that makes it onto the WWE Network, since everyone deserves the opportunity to watch without resorting to YouTube (not that there’s anything wrong with Youtube). This week’s show was heavy on promo videos for the Ascension. Instead of pointing each of them out individually (there are really only two videos), I’m going to state that there were five … Read entire article »

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Ring of Honor TV 10/29 Review

We get three matches this week, which is a change from every other show so far that ROH has had. They have had two matches on all the other shows, and I was really growing tired of this same format every week. In the main event tonight, The Briscoe Brothers face The All Night Express, but the opening bout really stole the show. SPOILERS FOLLOW Nigel and Kevin Kelly open up the show discussing the main … Read entire article »

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WWE Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart DVD Review

The “Montreal Screw-job” may be one of the single most important moments of the WWF/WWE “Attitude” era. It created the biggest villain in wrestling history, Vincent K. McMahon, which ultimately shifted the balance of power in the “Monday Night Wars”. It was one of the few times you’ll ever see a professional wrestler being worked by his own people, which made it surreal at the time it happened. The documentary “Wrestling with Shadows” covers this … Read entire article »

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WWE Power Rankings (10/23-10/30)

This pre-Halloween week of WWE television provided some highly entertaining television. At this time last year, the hottest angle in the business was John Cena’s involvement with Wade Barrett and the Nexus, and, as I am sure the majority of PINFALL Magazine’s readers will know, that angle eventually led to a lamely-conceived, ultra-conventional resolution as we witnessed Cena’s triumphant victory over Wade Barrett at Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, thus sparking the demise of the … Read entire article »

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/28 Review

It is once again time for my favorite show of the week, and it isn’t Raw. That’s probably a good thing, because while bringing forth entertaining bits, Raw often doesn’t seem to be able to deliver the complete package of a weekly television show. Smackdown has always been more consistent for the last year, and rarely fails to leave a bad taste in my mouth. I expect this week will be no different, with a … Read entire article »

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FCW 10/23 Review

FCW has a formula that I prefer to the WWE, in that there’s more of a focus on matches, and on spreading the wealth. You don’t see the same handful of guys taking up the majority of every single show. They actually use their depth. Sure, I’ve only been watching for a few weeks, but I’ve seen an assortment of talent during that time. My only regret is that I didn’t start watching a long … Read entire article »

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This was not one of ROH’s strongest shows to date, but it was still an entertaining episode. There was too much talking for my liking. Anyways, we get to see the debut of T.J. Perkins and more importantly, we settle the number one contender controversy. In the main event, Jay Lethal puts his TV Championship up for grabs against “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett. This is the first show where ROH is starting to plug the …

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