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TNA has showed that they are taking their company in a new direction, a direction that I have been totally digging. This PPV, Final Resolution, is the most excited I have been about a TNA PPV in a very, very long time. James Storm taking on Kurt Angle and AJ Styles facing Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship are two matches that have had interesting build, and are the two main attractions of …

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Last week’s Impact was one of the better shows that TNA has put on in recent memory. I loved the main event, plus ODB versus Mickie James was excellent. Also, I found it interesting having RVD involved with the TNA Television Championship. Although, I am sure it was just a one time thing, as the main focus is on his feud with Daniels right now. Can TNA continue the momentum leading into their PPV this …

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TNA Impact Wrestling 11/24 Review

On this Thanksgiving edition of Impact Wrestling, Mexican America will get a chance to regain the belts that they lost to Crimson and Matt Morgan last week. I didn’t expect Mexican America to drop the belts to Morgan and Crimson on their first try at the Tag Team Championship, so who knows what we will see in this match. TNA’s tag division sure isn’t what it used to be. Going with the Survivor Series theme, … Read entire article »

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WWE Smackdown 11/18 Review

While continuing to be the most consistent televised WWE program, last week felt like it was missing substance. The show started off great, and some storyline developments kept things interesting, but the abundance of matches hindered their actual quality. Will Smackdown make up for this by giving us a card filled with riveting TV matches, or will we be subject to a card of mediocrity? SPOILERS FOLLOW The show opens strong with a shot of Henry destroying … Read entire article »

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TNA Impact Wrestling 11/17 Review

Impact Wrestling returns to Universal Studios this week, so this means that the edited-in crowd noise and strategically placed audience members also returns. Turning Point was an entertaining PPV, for the most part. Let’s see what TNA will do to either keep or crush the momentum. There is one big question in TNA right now, who attacked James Storm last week? Let’s see if we get an answer to that question tonight. This is the … Read entire article »

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WWE Monday Night Raw 11/14 Review

We are now under a week away from one of the big four PPV’s, so WWE decided to go with a three-hour show featuring one of the biggest WWE superstars ever.There is also a nice feud between Del Rio and Punk to showcase. A lot of hype went into this Raw tonight. It seemed like every channel I would watch this past week had a commercial for “Raw gets Rocked”. Let’s see if the show … Read entire article »

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The WWE presented itself from jolly ol’ England this past week and provided for some very interesting build toward Survivor Series, which is now just one week away. Anytime WWE does a week of television in the United Kingdom, unusual happenings are bound to unfold, but perhaps most unusual about this week in WWE land were the presentations of both Raw and Smackdown with their own respective Superstars. In case you did not …

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Last week, it felt like not much had actually happened other than generic continuations of feuds to start hyping a Survivor Series 5-on-5 Tag Match. They were good, and the show as a whole wasn’t bad, but it felt like it was sort of on auto-pilot. This week, I’m hoping we see some more development, with the same quality of matches, if not higher. More specifically, I’m hoping Daniel Bryan’s advertised rematch against Henry does …

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WWE Monday Night Raw 11/7 Review

I couldn’t be happier about Raw being in Liverpool. The United Kingdom really brings the noise at every opportunity, and they really added a lot of creativity and fun to the show tonight. Some interesting developments occurred during this Raw. Once again, Punk spits fire on the mic and Morrison tries to end his losing streak. In the main event, it’s Awesome Truth against the dynamic duo of John Cena and Zack Ryder. Zack Ryder … Read entire article »

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It was a bizarre week in WWE land, to say the least, as the Muppets invaded Monday Night Raw. While I totally get the purpose of bringing them on to promote the upcoming Muppets 3D movie and cater to the younger audience, the severe setback the furry guest stars provided for the development of major storylines was simply unnecessary as WWE builds to one of its biggest pay-per-view events of the year in Survivor …

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