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Dragon Gate USA Untouchable 9/10 Results

Dragon Gate USA are one of the Top 10 Promotions You Should be Following. They’re just one of a few different branches of the Dragon Gate company, and if you’re an American Citizen, they’re probably the one for you. The roster that Gabe Sapolsky and Co. field for their shows are always of the highest class. Untouchable features a few matches that seem to be can’t miss (PAC v Richochet & Gargano v Tozawa), but … Read entire article »

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Near-Falls 15: Interview w/Kevin Steen

As you can probably tell from the interview, I’m a Kevin Steen fan. Dude just brings something to the table that I don’t see from anyone else in the business. His work is a crazy combination of violence and comedy, and it works on a level all his own. When I asked for this interview I didn’t actually expect a response, but as you can see Kevin Steen took the time to make it happen, … Read entire article »

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Ring of Honor Summer of Punk 2005 Review

It took 7 DVD’s, the majority of Saturday, and ton of Pepsi to bring this review to PINFALL Magazine. The Summer of Punk is one of those monumental moments of time in wrestling that you hear referred to often, but not in a detailed way. On the eve of WWE’s big Punk-Centric Money in the Bank PPV I wanted to take a look back at CM Punk’s signature title reign. Punk wrestled his heart out … Read entire article »

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It’s been a big 24 hours for PINFALL Magazine. The first ever Near-Falls interview with Dom the Bomb himself, and now the second release of the series with American independent wrestling booker extraordinaire, Gabe Sapolsky. I’ve never had a chance to correspond with the man prior to what I’m about to post here. It all started with a couple tweets in passing, and became a full fledged feature here on PINFALL Magazine. I’ll start it …

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