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TNA Impact Wrestling 12/22 Review

The Wildcard Tag Team Tournament continues tonight. AJ and Kaz teaming together isn’t very random, but Daniels teaming with RVD is. Last week’s show didn’t have any stand-out matches, but the storylines stayed consistent. So with that being said, I’m really excited to see what the next move is in the Hardy/Roode feud. That Powerbomb Hardy took last week was pretty gnarly, as he over shot the table by a little bit. This is such … Read entire article »

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Turning Point laid the foundation and Final Resolution built on top of that. Back-to-back fun PPV shows really has me thinking that TNA is turning this whole laughing stock of wrestling thing around. Now, I don’t want to get ahead of myself because there are still some things that don’t sit all that well with me. Morgan and Crimson are one of those things for me that I don’t necessarily agree with, but I am …

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With Final Resolution a little over a week away, TNA has two matches booked. AJ styles will face Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and Gail Kim will put her Knockouts Championship on the line against Mickie James. I am interested to see what other matches TNA sets up tonight for this upcoming PPV. Any match featuring Austin Aries defending his X-Division belt will be a big addition. I also am hoping for …

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TNA Impact Wrestling 11/24 Review

On this Thanksgiving edition of Impact Wrestling, Mexican America will get a chance to regain the belts that they lost to Crimson and Matt Morgan last week. I didn’t expect Mexican America to drop the belts to Morgan and Crimson on their first try at the Tag Team Championship, so who knows what we will see in this match. TNA’s tag division sure isn’t what it used to be. Going with the Survivor Series theme, … Read entire article »

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TNA threw together the main event for this PPV, but there is still potential for a good show. Plus, the main event that was thrown together is AJ Styles v Bobby Roode. So, I really have to say I am looking forward to this show. Unlike the main event, there has been some good build to the other matches. Not that it makes a good card, but all TNA titles are on the line …

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TNA Impact Wrestling 11/10 Review

Impact Wrestling is in Georgia this week. It is always a plus whenever TNA gets away from Universal Studios. The Turning Point main event is announced, albeit the PPV is only four days away. You definitely do not want to book your PPV main event this close to the show, but I am looking forward to the match. Also in this episode there is a Knockouts Tag Title match, EY and Ronnie take on Robbie … Read entire article »

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TNA Impact Wrestling 10/27 Review

Last week Impact Wrestling left a horrible taste in my proverbial mouth. There wasn’t much wrestling, and a lot of the same faces returned from the PPV to get their final word in. This week Angle, Hogan, and Dixie Carter stayed home. There’s still Bischoff and his son on the show, so everything isn’t perfect, but there was far more wrestling on the show this week. There’s not a ton of time for the matches … Read entire article »

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When someone sees the title “Impact Wrestling” on their cable guide, and they turn to it for 3 straight segments of middle aged people talking in the ring to open the show, do they continue watching? If I had to guess, I’d go with no. To make things worse all the crowd reactions are seemingly fake, as few people in the crowd are even paying attention. The first hour was nearly all former WWE (and …

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Bound For Glory was a bit lopsided. It felt like all the highest quality matches were at the start of the show. The main event seemed to be a footnote after the crowd blew their load cheering for Hogan. The matches were of a decent to high quality all evening, but there were certainly some bad bumps along the way. For the most part TNA lived up to their promises with this one, although I …

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TNA Bound For Glory 2011 Predictions

TNA/Impact Wrestling have done a great job of building up their Bound For Glory PPV. It all started with the Bound For Glory Series, which was a bit messy, but had a great end result. The Sting/Hogan feud has been building up since the mid-90′s, and that will probably lead to a decent number of buys on name recognition alone. The Knockouts Division has been the lone female wrestling bright spot on television all year, … Read entire article »

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