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WWE Monday Night Raw 10/17 Review

Pre-taped Monday Night Raw episodes are rarely of a high quality, and this episode is no different. The highlight was the crowd because the Mexican fans know what’s up. I did expect a bit larger of a reaction for Alberto Del Rio’s entrance on his home soil, but the crowd made up for it during his actual match. CM Punk is no longer the “Voice of the Voiceless,” but is instead just the Voiceless at … Read entire article »

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WWE to Induct Mil Mascaras into Hall of Fame

The WWE (and their Youtube channel) have broken news that Mil Mascaras will be a part of the upcoming 2012 class for the WWE Hall of Fame. WWE Classics are currently running a “freeview” of Royal Rumble 97, which Mil Mascaras participated in. Not every inductee has worked in a WWE ring, but Mascaras has. It’s always of interest finding out who WWE plans to honor during WrestleMania weekend, and Mascaras is the first announced. … Read entire article »

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Heath Slater Suspended by WWE for Wellness Policy Violation

WWE are reporting that Heath Slater has violated their Wellness Policy. They’re not being any more specific than that, and PINFALL Magazine isn’t about random speculation regarding such matters. Slater will be off WWE television for at least 30 days due to this suspension. Heath hasn’t been winning much lately, but he has been a constant staple on WWE shows all year. He’s been linked to some trouble during WrestleMania weekend in his home state … Read entire article »

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After a brief hiatus, welcome to the second edition of PINFALL Magazine’s WWE Power Rankings. It has been a most unique week of television in the WWE. Monday Night Raw was somewhat mysterious, as it contained some fresh, never-before-seen material involving the “four-man show” opening segment and yet somehow managed to be quite predictable in the end seeing John Laurinaitis finally succeed in obtaining control of the show. Later in the week, we …

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Tonight is no doubt going to be geared towards building the feud between Big Show and Mark Henry. If it leads to a bunch of destruction and hatred, I’m all for it. I found it entertaining last time they were butting heads, so I have faith that they can keep up on that ideal. My only issue is if this leads to Big Show winning the belt, then it ruins what I love about …

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WWE Classics Freeview: Royal Rumble 1997 Review

This PPV shows that the WWF was full steam ahead on the Attitude Era by 1997. There was a lot of brawling and rough bumps throughout all the night’s matches. Race and sexuality were the basis of the majority of the angles on the card. There isn’t any blood or female nudity, but those are the only two Attitude staples that aren’t a focus. The show isn’t the strongest, but the Royal Rumble itself is … Read entire article »

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The UFC’s Brock Lesnar will be in the upcoming WWE ’12 from THQ. Brock is a former WWE champion as many PINFALL Magazine readers know, and it’s interesting to see him crossing over back into the world of wrestling, even if it is just in virtual form. seems to have had the exclusive on this piece of news, as THQ/WWE Games have been posting the IGN link instead of anything of their own. It’s …

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WWE always claim to have a long term plan when it comes to their booking, but I don’t buy it. This Raw seems to be their idea of “winging it”. This John Laurinaitis push is the worst part of it all. I’m no fan of Otunga, but at least he can work a match. Laurinaitis can’t work a match, microphone, crowd, or Sid Vicious main event book. Oklahoma didn’t seem as into the show as …

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WWE Classics Freeview: Monday Night Wars 5/18/98 Review

I thought they would show the complete shows of both Raw and Nitro back to back, but it’s more of a greatest hits deal. This Nitro is only an hour long due to the NBA playoffs, but they show an equal amount of the Raw. They at least cut out Val Venis’ debut, and I can only imagine what else. It’s been over a decade since I’ve seen either episode, but it was a fun … Read entire article »

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With WWE’s first ever “Walk-out” storyline, tonight serves the purpose of cluing everyone in on how exactly they plan to make the angle work. It’s a fresh and novel direction, but how are you supposed to keep a television series running when you don’t have any of your stars? Apparently, the remedy is that “Smackdown” is seen as the talent haven, seeing as HHH is the only one running RAW as opposed to Teddy being …

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