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The 10 Count: American Wrestling Promotions You Should Be Following

On the heels of National Geographic’s “Slammed”, the interest in independent wrestling is a bit higher than usual. If you’re a wrestling fan, you know about the WWE, or what we used to call WWF. There’s also the lesser known (for good reason) TNA/Impact Wrestling, but it’s still relatively well known in comparison to what we call independent wrestling. For the third iteration of The 10 Count, PINFALL Magazine brings you 10 Independent Wrestling Promotions … Read entire article »

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The 10 Count: Wrestling Video Games Released in the US

As a wrestling fan growing up throughout the 90′s I was spoiled, not only with the greatest era of professional wrestling history, but also the best wrestling video games. From the time I was old enough to hold a controller 2/3, I was playing NES wrestling games. They aren’t great when you go back now, but beating on Hulk Hogan with Andre the Giant was always a good time for me as a child. Then … Read entire article »

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This list doesn’t feature non-fiction/documentary films. Every one of these films are good on their own merits (some great), and it just so happens they feature a wrestler or few. Most of these films feature guys in bit parts, but there is the rare starring role (Roddy Piper) mixed in. I didn’t put films like Ready 2 Rumble or No Holds Barred on the list because they’re really not that good. I could go on …

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