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ROH Glory By Honor XI Review

I was debating whether to order or not to order this iPPV due to all of the BS that has gone down with previous shows, but in the end I made the purchase. I couldn’t tell you what exactly sold me. I guess the main event was a big reason, as anytime I get to see Kevin Steen in action is usually fun. Also, The Briscoes and Adam Cole are names that don’t hurt my … Read entire article »

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Get your popcorn ready, because NWA Hollywood has dropped NWA from its name, and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is starting a new journey tonight! I’m so excited for CWFH and their new beginning. NWA Hollywood was a very enjoyable product, so I hope things don’t change too much, but I know that if the talent that they have stays, the sky is the limit for this company. I do wonder what they are going to …

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