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Shadow Fox is the first masked wrestler featured in the Near-Falls series. His work has been often reviewed on PINFALL Magazine (See: EXW broadcasts). He’s been cutting his teeth on the West Coast like many other featured in Near-Falls interviews, but it’s only a matter of time until he’s working Nationwide. He’s considered a rookie in the business, but may be wise beyond his years. Find out more about the man behind the mask, and …

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CTC has only recently been featured on PINFALL Magazine due to a strong match between he and Jefe Lescano for EXW. He was instantly someone of interest, and now PINFALL Magazine takes you deeper into the mind of the man behind the mask. Crash Test Cody has been building a reputation for himself on the West Coast like a lot of the wrestlers featured in Near-Falls interviews, and if he keeps up the great work, …

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Leva Bates is one of those wrestlers you’ve probably seen around, and wondered where you can find more of her work. She’s a non-stop workaholic type, who seems to be interested in working in an assortment of fields, and for a variety of companies. She’s based out of Florida at the moment, and she’s worked with some of the top female acts in the wrestling business today. If you’re not a fan yet, you’ll pick …

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Near-Falls 15: Interview w/Kevin Steen

As you can probably tell from the interview, I’m a Kevin Steen fan. Dude just brings something to the table that I don’t see from anyone else in the business. His work is a crazy combination of violence and comedy, and it works on a level all his own. When I asked for this interview I didn’t actually expect a response, but as you can see Kevin Steen took the time to make it happen, … Read entire article »

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To keep the interview flow going, here is the latest, with Mosh Pit Mike. The first time I ever witnessed Mike work was for EXW, but he’s all over the American Southwest. Here’s a guy who doesn’t seem to fear anything, has the ability to adapt in-ring, and has a personality that goes a long way. Mike wasn’t cheap with the answers, and I hope everyone enjoys his candid feelings as much as I… And …

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You can just tell from the way he works, that Darin Corbin is a funny guy. If his use of slow-motion, colorful tights,and colorful language isn’t enough proof, I’m sure this interview will suffice. Darin Corbin claims to be funniest between the 12-5 a.m. hours, so I figure there is no better time than now to post his interview (3:52 a.m.). I hope everyone enjoys reading this as much as I did… How did you decide …

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James Morgan shocked the world, and myself, when he beat Colt Cabana in the “Be a Star” Television Championship Tournament for NWA Hollywood. Since that day, I’ve been trying to get an interview with the man. He’s a busy dude, but he still made time to do this for PINFALL Magazine. If you’re not familiar with James Morgan, you need to pay more attention to the California wrestling territory, but first start by reading about …

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Near-Falls 11: Interview w/Mark James

Near-Falls 11: Interview w/Mark James

Happy 4th of July everyone. Luckily, there are cool people like Mark James out there who are willing to help support wrestling despite it being a holiday. He’s a cool guy, a Yankee fan, and one of the more enjoyable people to follow on Twitter. If you haven’t heard of the man, or seen him work, be sure to check out his links at the end of the interview. Enjoy, this, and your holiday (or … Read entire article »

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Near-Falls 10: Interview w/Roxie Cotton

Near-Falls 10: Interview w/Roxie Cotton

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last Near-Falls, but we had to make the 10th of the series suspenseful by making you wait for it! Luckily we have Roxie Cotton as the milestone interview, so you’re all in for a treat. Some of you may be familiar with Roxie, as she’s one of the top 50 female wrestlers in the world (according to PWI). If not, prepare to be enlightened. She knows her … Read entire article »

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For the first time in the history of PINFALL magazine we’re bringing you an interview with a former-WWE superstar. In fact, this is the first of many different categories since Derick Neikirk is a bit of a “Renaissance Man”. The dude is an athletic specimen, a savvy businessman, and he’s been to the top of the professional wrestling mountain for a bit. The sky is the limit for Derick Neikirk, so make sure you pay …

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