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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s The Perils Of Rock N’ Roll Decadence 9/10 Results

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla featured two guys with the most momentum in independent wrestling today, Kevin Steen and Davey Richards. Both men hold the two most coveted world titles on the American Indy Scene, and if my interview with Steen is any indication (read that here), there may even be a little bad blood between the two. They also featured every wrestling/video game nerds fantasy match, The RockNES Monsters versus Super Smash Brothers, who I haven’t … Read entire article »

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The 10 Count: American Wrestling Promotions You Should Be Following

On the heels of National Geographic’s “Slammed”, the interest in independent wrestling is a bit higher than usual. If you’re a wrestling fan, you know about the WWE, or what we used to call WWF. There’s also the lesser known (for good reason) TNA/Impact Wrestling, but it’s still relatively well known in comparison to what we call independent wrestling. For the third iteration of The 10 Count, PINFALL Magazine brings you 10 Independent Wrestling Promotions … Read entire article »

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Night 1 of PWG All-Star Weekend 8 is well worth the price of (the DVD) admission. There’s a good mixture of comedy and intensity the entire way through. You get the usual PWG acts, but you also get to see some of the alumni returning for the show. The show felt heavily tag team based, whether it was actual tag bouts, or just former teams battling it out. PWG commentary is always a bright spot, …

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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla are ran the biggest show of the independents this weekend with their annual Battle of Los Angeles. This year the tournament has been scaled down to one event, but that keeps the brackets from being watered down, and I don’t see that as a problem. All the live fan reports coming out over Twitter made the show seem like it was a blast, and I wish I was on that half of …

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When I think of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, the first thing I think of is the Battle of Los Angeles (BOLA 2010 Review Here)! It’s usually a two night tournament, but this year the Battle of Los Angeles will take place on one night, August 20th. That may disappoint some fans, but in my eyes it just makes acquiring the tournament on DVD a lot cheaper. The name that stands out most of all to me …

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Three shows, two events, DDT4 and BOLA 2010 (all of which are reviewed here) culminated on Card Subject to Change III. PWG doesn’t let a few no-shows, injuries, or any other unforeseeable problems get in the way of putting on a good show. I haven’t seen an event from them I didn’t enjoy. They’re a company that doesn’t spend a ton of time on the promo cutting portion of pro-wrestling. The crowd really stood out …

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Wondering what happened in the wrestling world this weekend? You’re not the only one. There are so many shows operating around the world every weekend, and PINFALL Magazine is going to bring you the highlights every Monday before WWE Monday Night Raw. If you go to a show, or just have results/news you want highlighted, send emails to [email protected]! Anything that can be confirmed, and is of interest, will be posted with the corresponding recap. …

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Near-Falls 15: Interview w/Kevin Steen

As you can probably tell from the interview, I’m a Kevin Steen fan. Dude just brings something to the table that I don’t see from anyone else in the business. His work is a crazy combination of violence and comedy, and it works on a level all his own. When I asked for this interview I didn’t actually expect a response, but as you can see Kevin Steen took the time to make it happen, … Read entire article »

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According to Matt Jackson/Max Buck, Generation Me have asked for their release from TNA, and it has been granted. Just last night during Destination X, I was wondering how TNA could constantly misuse such a great tag team, but now that’s over. The Bucks have worked Pro Wrestling Guerrilla shows to great effect this year, and I imagine they’ll find another permanent spot when/if they want one. Was Destination X too little, too late? Will …

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PWG: Battle of Los Angeles Night 2 Review

I’m a sucker for tournaments. Playoffs, NCAA Basketball, World Cup, WrestleMania IV, King of Trios, and now Battle of Los Angeles. I’ve known about this tournament for many years, but I’ve finally had the chance to take a look for myself. I must say that I am impressed. The production quality on PWG shows is always top notch, but the way their able to tell a story over a weekend is impressive. There aren’t many … Read entire article »

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