WrestlemaniaMania Part 2

Maffew has released the second part to WrestlemaniaMania that features 5-7. So many hilarious moments in this one, but the Trump Plaza step really busts me up for some reason. To go along with all the botches, Demolition’s and Jakes The Snake’s music are both featured on this video. Those are two of my all-time favorite themes. Don’t forget to check out the Botchamania website for all your botching needs. … Read entire article »

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WrestlemaniaMania Part 1

Maffew, the man behind Botchamania, presents WrestlemaniaMania! Like all of the Botchamanias, this is also awesome. From the opening segment with Hogan to Bam Bam being counted out while he was on the apron… It is pure gold. This is part one and it covers WrestleMania 1-4. I cannot wait for the rest. … Read entire article »

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Botchamania 204

Maffew is back with another episode of funny commentary, classic video game music, and of course, botches. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that TNA kept putting up ’11 Victory Road by the wrestlers’ names. I think my favorite part in 204, though, was when the crowd was chanting a bunch of random chants at a CZW show (I believe). I have no idea why they were chanting, but it was still really funny. … Read entire article »

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The 10 Count: American Wrestling Promotions You Should Be Following

On the heels of National Geographic’s “Slammed”, the interest in independent wrestling is a bit higher than usual. If you’re a wrestling fan, you know about the WWE, or what we used to call WWF. There’s also the lesser known (for good reason) TNA/Impact Wrestling, but it’s still relatively well known in comparison to what we call independent wrestling. For the third iteration of The 10 Count, PINFALL Magazine brings you 10 Independent Wrestling Promotions … Read entire article »

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Last night CHIKARA held their annual Young Lion’s Cup tournament. Thanks to the CHIKARA Pro Twitter for keeping PINFALL Magazine (and the rest of the world) updated. The show is one to look forward to from the results. The Kings of Wrestling continue their “Put Everyone Over Tour 2011″, with Claudio giving Icarus the rub. It’s cool to see such well respected workers doing what they can to help further along other people’s careers on …

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According to Amazing Red himself, he and TNA are no longer working together. Red had the best showing of anyone involved in the Destination X “Ultimate X” bout, and he hasn’t had a chance to do much else since. The guy gets some flack for his high flying style, but I usually enjoy his work thoroughly. I can’t imagine Amazing Red finding it difficult to get bookings on the independent scene, so expect to see …

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CHIKARA plans on releasing these shows on DVD tomorrow! You can order straight from Smart Mark Video, and you’ll be watching these shows in your home by the end of the week. Keep that in mind before you go any further into this spoiler laden post, as you may want to go in fresh. Sounded like another wonderful outing from the CHIKARA gang, but that seems to be expected at this late point of their …

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CHIKARA Announce First Ever IPPV

The CHIKARA official Twitter account, and every live report from Philly, have confirmed that CHIKARA are holding their first ever IPPV November 13th in South Philadelphia. I’ve heard a lot of people asking if CHIKARA (and PWG for that matter) have any plans to hold an IPPV, and you’re hearing it here first. I can’t wait to see what’s on the card for this show, and updates will be posted on PINFALL Magazine as they …

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As PINFALL Magazine attempts to supply the most up to date news in the wrestling world, results of non-televised live shows will be posted from time to time. Chikarasaurus Rex weekend is certainly one of those times. CHIKARA and the gang are in Reading, Pennsylvania tonight (Philly tomorrow), and it sounds like it was a fun show. Their DVD turnaround time is extraordinarily quick, so you’ll be able to own this show yourself in no …

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CHIKARA is a weird brand of wrestling. You know what you’re getting into when you watch their product, but at the same time, you have no idea what’s going to happen next. It’s kind of like great jazz, you don’t know how you’ll get there, but you know the ride is going to be amazing. If there’s one thing I can say about CHIKARA that I can’t about any other wrestling promotion, it’s that they …

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