Well, well… Well. What to think of the WWE? There are a few pros, but also a few cons. A mixed bag if you will. The negatives, to me, are that the WWE Championship has yet to headline a PPV in 2012. Sure, this is a scripted show, so how much do the titles really mean? The WWE Championship has been around for quite a long time (1963), and it will continue to be around for as long as the WWE exists. And to not have that belt featured in any 2012 PPV main event yet, is frustrating to me. There have only been 43 wrestlers to hold the WWE Championship. I am ALWAYS looking forward to seeing who will be added to that illustrious list.

Cena has had some really good feuds (Rock, Lesnar), but this one with Show doesn’t hold my attention. Anyways, enough with the negatives. Here are some positives. One is that the WWE has been rebuilding the tag division, and not just for the sake of doing so. It hasn’t been forced in other words. I really dug how they gave meaning to the match between O’Neil/Young and The Usos on the most recent episode of Friday Night Smackdown. With rumors of Alex Shelley possibly coming to the ‘E, will Sabin jump ship too? Man, I can only hope, because MCMG would totally boost the division to a whole new level. A match between MCMG and Swagger/Ziggler would be tremendous. Another positive is that there are a few young talented wrestlers being introduced right now. Dudes such as Cesaro, Sandow, and Ryback all have caught the attention of the audience, but we shall see where the Creative Team takes these characters once they are past the “introducing” stage. The midcard is really in need of some solid programs.

Alright, now that my mini rant is over with… OHHHHHHH YESSSSS! It is time for THE Monday Night Raw Review!


“Yes sir we promised you a great one.”

Whenever I hear that line, I get excited for what is hopefully a fun episode of Raw.

Before Big Show walks that aisle, Raw opens with a lengthy video package on this whole Show-Cena feud. The WWE editing team is amazing, but even they can’t make this program interesting. That was harsh, I know. Looking at the bright side of things, Show receives heat for his mic work. Show brings up how fast the WWE Universe moved on after he was fired by dancing with Brodus Clay. Good point, and Show goes on to preach about how he is going to punish Cena at No Way Out. This whole storyline is boring to me, and the match will be boring, but at least some of the fans who paid their hard earned money to attend Raw live tonight enjoyed the opening segment.

Alberto Del Rio v Santino Marella (N/A): ADR goes on the offense quick, and Santino turns things around when ADR misses a splash in the turnbuckle. Just like that, Santino is going for the Cobra. Wow, this match is in fast forward. ADR avoids the Cobra to lock in his arm bar. I don’t know why, but I was expecting a somewhat decent match. Maybe it is because Santino is the US Champion?

Backstage Banter: Big Show will be picking his opponent tonight, and A-Ry is hoping it isn’t him. Show tells him it isn’t, but he wants to send a message, so he slams Riley into the wall. Whatever momentum A-Ry ever had during his WWE career is long gone, at least he is still getting paid for 1 minute segments like this one.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Kofi & Truth (c) v Swagger & Ziggler (C+): Truth and Kofi are in charge of this title match as it starts, and they are doing it in style. When the commercial break is over with, Swagger is trying to wear down Kingston. When Kingston fights back, the match goes back and forth for a bit until Truth gets the PINFALL victory over Swagger. Swagger’s shoulders have been pinned on the mat for the 1-2-3 a lot, and Ziggler has had it. He walks out on the All-American American after yelling at him “I am better than this!”. Fun tag match, and there goes the MCMG-Swagger/Ziggler match I was hoping for.

Backstage Banter: Big BC confronts Show about what he said earlier. Clay wants Show to pick him to be his opponent tonight, and Show obliges. Nice, this is a little something different from Clay. We get to see a more serious side of him.

Ace rides his scooter down to make a couple announcements. Before he does he no-sells his injury, but that is just nitpicking. I need to stop complaining about Ace’s acting skills because they are and always will be garbage. His announcements are that Show will fight Clay, the Show-Cena match will be in a cage, and he is now the most popular WWE Superstar. His proof is that he will be on the cover of the new video game. Punk can’t let this go any further because he is the actual cover man for WWE 13. Punk unveils a huge banner that dwarfs Ace’s.

I have always wondered where huge banners like that go after. Do they just roll it up and put it in some banner archives in Connecticut? Anyways, Punk gets Ace, Eve, and Otunga out of his ring, because it is time for Punk to do battle with the American Dragon, Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan v CM Punk (B+): Of course, this is another super competitive match between two of the best in the biz right now. A bunch of submission moves and quick pins in the early going-on. Meanwhile, AJ is roaming the outside. Eventually, she allows Bryan to take off a turnbuckle pad by complaining to the ref. I love the pace to this match. The way it began was awesome, and it how it turned into a more methodical one as it continued was fun to watch. That exposed turnbuckle was the eventual demise of Punk, but just as D-Bry picks up the victory, Kane is there to greet him with a chair shot. A lot of different dynamics now in the Punk-Bryan saga. And I am enjoying all of them.

Christian v Miz (C): Cody is on commentary, and it is a little surprising to me. I thought once he dropped the IC belt that he would move on to the main event scene. Maybe he will after this Sheamus-Del Rio feud. I definitely can see him being involved in the World Heavyweight title picture sooner than later. I am not trying to complain about a Christian-Cody feud, though. As for this match, it wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was a solid Raw fight. After the match, Miz complains about not being on the cover of WWE 13 and not getting a title shot. Orton walks out and right up to Miz to hit him with a RKO. A-Ry is getting thrown into walls tonight, and Miz is jobbing like it ain’t no thang but a chicken wang. Yeah, Miz and A-Ry strutting around with Miz holding the WWE Championship was a looong time ago.

Sheamus v David Otunga (D+): We are at the 47 minute mark of the second hour of Raw when the bell rings. With the Show-Clay match still to go, the writing was on the wall: Squash. To my surprise, Otunga doesn’t go down faster than D-Bry did at WrestleMania 28. He even gets in a few offensive moves.

Big Show v Brodus Clay (N/A): Big Show talks some more as he walks down the aisle. As if we didn’t have enough of that already tonight. He even mentions Doink. This takes BC so off guard, that Show is able to lay the smackethdown on him. Not even the Tag Champions could save Clay from Show’s wrath. This is a lot more effective than giving Show a mic. He really looked like a beast during this final segment. And to think we could have had some extra time for other programs if they just would have thrown out the opening Show segment, and gone with the ending as the only Show segment.

Very American