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WrestleMania 28 Review

Welcome to the WrestleMania! Review! Time to find out who the best in the world is? Will Undertaker’s streak come to an end? And the one billion dollar question: Who will win between The Rock and John Cena in the main event? Shortly all those questions will be answered, but right before WrestleMania I always like to reflect a little. There have been moments on this road to WrestleMania that have made me laugh, cry, and yell “orange chicken douche!” at my TV. In all seriousness, though, I am so pumped up for this WrestleMania… Much more than last year’s. There is something special in the air tonight. It smells like history in the making. And no it doesn’t smell like what The Rock is cookin’. Sometimes the ora of ‘Mania is too much for the wrestlers to handle. Tonight the card is an appropriate one for the biggest show of the year, and I have a feeling the wrestlers are going to cherish their moments under the spotlight. Now let’s head down to ringside!


First off, I have to say how much I love outdoor WrestleManias. I love how you can see the day turn into night. Such a beautiful sight, which adds to the scenery instead of being in a arena where the backdrop is the same all the time. Also, the WWE had some outstanding shots of the stadium. Yeah, the camera had a few glitches, but after the HHH entrance I didn’t notice anymore.

World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus v Daniel Bryan (c) (F): Well, I wasn’t just wrong in my thinking that Sheamus-Bryan was going to be a physical fight… I was completely wrong. Bryan kisses AJ, and then turns around to receive the Brogue Kick. That is the total recap of the match right there. I paid 60 bucks for this PPV, I don’t want any lame matches. That was some bullshit. I don’t know what the reasoning behind that outcome was, and I can’t even begin to think what it could be. Bryan has had a good run with the World Heavyweight Title. I don’t think it was cool for him to go out like that at WrestleMania. That was such a major blow right off the bat, and you could tell by the crowd’s reaction. The crowd was on the quiet side until Undertaker versus Triple H.

Kane v Randy Orton (C+): Let’s just pretend that this match was the start of WrestleMania because it was a competitive and solid fight. I enjoyed the back and forth between these two, and I thought the rest holds were well done. It didn’t look like they were half-assing them like some do, and just trying to waste time. Kane really wrenched in his holds causing me to grimace as he turned Orton’s head sideways. I dug the super chokeslam as the finish, plus it was nice to see Kane get the victory. Why bring Kane back as this “monster” if you’re just going to have him lose all the time?

Next segment was a comedy skit, which are a WrestleMania tradition. Out of anybody that could be in this, I was happy to see Santino involved. He is the go-to guy for comedy, and he follows through here. Santino’s line of “this is not the first time we’ve rolled the dice at the crab table” got a laugh out of me. I know Deadliest Catch is a really popular show, but that still had to take a nice chunk of change (even for them) to pay for that promotion.

Intercontinental Championship: Cody Rhodes (c) v Big Show (C): Big Show wins here after a forearm to the balls when he was going for a spear, and then he knocks out Cody with the WMD. Big Show looked a little emotional after the win. Maybe because his wrestling career is going to be over sooner than later. Good win for Show as he has had his fair share of losses at WrestleMania. Not the best match of the night, but not the worst either.

Eve & Beth Phoenix v Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly (D): There were mostly bad aspects about this match like Maria’s sell job. I will say that Kelly’s front flip into a Thesz Press was pretty cool. She still can’t run the ropes, though. A funny side note was Eve’s make up getting on Maria’s ass after a stinkface. Another Divas match ending with a roll up… What a crazy concept.

Hell in a Cell: Undertaker v Triple H (B+): Triple H had a cool entrance, but there is nothing like an Undertaker entrance. He had a wicked looking robe with spikes, and the camera shot before he entered of all the lights going out was too cool. I also wanted to mention how amazing the huge 360 screen was that covered the Hell in a Cell when it was up above the ring. The WWE crew is the hardest working crew on the planet. As for the match, there were a ton of chair shots. Just look at Undertaker’s back.

When Shawn hit Undertaker with Sweet Chin Music and then Triple H nailed him with a Pedigree, I seriously thought it was over. The crowd was superb during this fight also. HBK did a fine job of conveying the conflict he was facing of wanting to see Undertaker lose, but not wanting to see him completely demolished by a sledgehammer or chair. A Tombstone fittingly ended this dramatic contest. There were so many tremendous moments from Undertaker and Triple H, but the match lagged a little at times and they didn’t use the cell as much as you would’ve thought.

Perfect time to bring out all of the Hall of Fame inductees and have a little backstage segment where Flo Rida takes out Heath Slater. Plus, Reks and Hawkins got a little camera time. I was thinking after the Undertaker-HHH match “this would be the perfect time for an intermission”, so I felt that was a nice way to go to one without actually going to an intermission.

Team Johnny v Team Teddy (C): First Twelve Man Tag match in ‘Mania history, and it was a smart move to kick it off with Dolph and Kofi. This match has big implications, so why not start out with your two most talented wrestlers? I like how when Book was going around to each member of Team Johnny and hitting them off the apron with a punch, but when he got to Henry he didn’t even budge. Booker definitely got the most in-ring time for Team Playa. He was taking a beat down until the match completely broke down into a free-for-all. The spot where Kofi, Ryder, and Truth all dove on to the outside at the same time sent the cameras into a flashing frenzy. The conclusion came when Ryder got distracted by Eve being told to get out of the ring by the ref, which set up Miz’s Skull Crushing Finale. Ryder gets kicked square (or sqwah as Cartman would say) in the nuts by Eve post-match. Are you ever going to learn that Eve is a hoski Ryder?

WWE Championship: CM Punk (c) v Chris Jericho (A-): Before this match starts, Johnny talks to Punk for a minute basically saying that if Punk gets DQ’d then he will lose his belt. This rule change came into play mostly in the beginning where Jericho kept trying to get Punk DQ’d by calling his dad a drunk and sister a drug addict. Punk brought back the spot (from MitB) where he gets suplexed over the top and on to the outside. Such… A… Brutal… Spot. There were also some fun counters during this match, but especially towards the end. I loved how they exchanged small packages, which ended with Punk locking in the Anaconda Vise.

That wasn’t the finish, but Punk did end this spectacular WWE Championship match with that submission move. I was really stoked to see Punk retain his belt. This cements his WWE Title run as one of the better ones in recent memory.

Brodus Clay came out to provide the unnecessary moment that every WrestleMania has to have. Clay proceeds to have everybody call their momma, then he brings out his “momma”. She dances along with a ton of other lookalikes. I will say it was better than having a squash. He was there to entertain, and at least he did entertain the masses at Sun Life Stadium.

The Rock v John Cena (B): After a year in the making… The match was entertaining. Did I expect a little more? Yeah, but like I said it was entertaining. These two physical wrestlers went at it on the biggest stage. Pretty stiff stuff from Cena and Rock and you could tell right away by looking at Cena’s bruise by his left eye. Rock and Cena talked a lot leading up to this match, and they kept talking during the match as I could see both call out a few spots. I totally heard Rocky call out the DDT spot when he had Cena in a headlock. I suppose that is the director’s fault. Anyways, I still applaud both men for all the hard work they put into this feud.

The crowd made this main event even more fun to watch. They were on fire the whole time, and right there to boo every Cena punch and cheer every Rock punch. Great atmosphere, and I hope the Miami natives enjoyed their hometown hero getting the win. I expected Cena to be in better shape than Rock, but I didn’t expect Rock to be that gassed by the middle of the match. Cena waiting at the top to hit his Fameasser was a clear example. I, like many, was surprised by Rocky winning. Rock and Cena almost botched the ending when Cena looked like he was going to slip as he was about to jump up for the Rock Bottom. The wrestling gods were looking down on them for that one.


Another WrestleMania is in the books. The pros outweighed the cons on the evening equaling a fun WrestleMania. The Sheamus-Bryan match will always stick out like a sore thumb, but on the bright side there were three solid matches and a beautiful atmosphere with the stadium, camera shots, and crowd. I am not sure where I rank this WrestleMania all-time. I have to reflect some more and think of all the others. I will say it isn’t top five or bottom five.

Dayton Marinkovich

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