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NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Episode 75 Review

The first Cage match in NWA Hollywood history will take place on tonight’s episode. Sometimes two individuals will fight in a cage when the feud doesn’t really justify it, but Avalon and Taylor have had quite the epic feud that should only be settled inside the steel structure. As if that wasn’t enough, there is a Title match on the card. The NWA Worlds Junior Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as Kevin Douglas defends against Nick Madrid, SoCal Crazy, and Famous B. Madrid came so very close to winning that Championship a few weeks back, so we will see if he can claim the gold tonight.


As Dave Marquez is opening up the show, Ray Rrrrrrrrrrrosas shows up to inspect the cage that his tag team partner, Peter Avalon, will be fighting in later tonight. While he does his inspection, Rosas is sporting a bright red fanny pack which draws a “fanny pack!” chant from the crowd. Only in wrestling and at Disneyland will you still see the fanny pack. Since Rrrrrrrrrrrrosas is in the cage already, Marquez tells him he should take on Terex. So, technically Avalon-Taylor will not go down in the record books as the first Cage match in NWA Hollywood’s history.

Ray Rosas v Terex (C+): This match gets going immediately and really takes the audience by storm. I must say that the camera hovering over the ring came in handy for this match especially. The shot of Rosas missing his splash off the top of the cage looked amazing. Like I said, these two did not waste anytime and this fight escalated quickly. Terex hits Rosas with a BIG splash off the second rope after his standing moonsault for the victory. Fun way to start the show!

At times a video package makes a feud look better than the actual journey because at the end of the day the feud wasn’t as epic as the video made it look. That certainly wasn’t the case here with the Avalon-Taylor video. The feud has been a grand one, and this video summed it up nicely. When a long program is coming to a conclusion, and you add in a cool video right before the last fight… Gold.

Joey Kaos v W (C): The next segment is Nick Madrid and Joey Kaos taking out The Disorder backstage. It is nice to see Madrid and Kaos take M, W, and GQ Money by surprise because it is usually the other way around. After they get Money and M duct taped together, Kaos and W brawl out to the arena. When I was at this show and these two came fighting out of the backstage I was thinking “I know these two hate each other, but what sparked this?”, but I suppose it didn’t really matter because if you watch NWA Hollywood you know The Disorder-Madrid & Kaos feud has been heated. Come on NWA Hollywood you can’t get a big screen to show the backstage action at your live shows? Kidding… Totally kidding. Anyways, the brawl does actually turn into an official match. It remains a brawl, and finishes with Kaos being DQ’d after refusing to let go of choking W with a chain. The Avalon-Taylor feud will end tonight, but this one certainly rages on.

NWA Worlds Junior Heavyweight Championship : Kevin Douglas (c) v Nick Madrid v Famous B v SoCal Crazy (B): The bad blood between Madrid and Douglas is apparent right from the get-go. Madrid double legs Douglas as soon as the bell rings leaving B and Crazy to fight. This match had action all throughout, and it moved along nicely. That can be a hard task in a match that involves four wrestlers. Most of the time it was two of the four fighting in the ring while the other two fought on the outside, but there definitely was some cool spots involving all four. Like when B took flight off the turnbuckle and on to the outside or when Douglas hit a splash on all four men. I thought it was a funny bit of commentary when Morgan said “whoever wins, that’s who I am betting on”. I am going to try that in Vegas next time I make my Super Bowl pick. Well, if you bet on Kevin Douglas then you would’ve been right. The Champion does take a beating from all three men at one time, but the rules of the 4-way come in to play when one tries to cover Douglas. There is always a wrestler there to break up the PINFALL attempt except for when Douglas pins Crazy after Madrid hit his finisher, the Running of the Bulls on SoCal Crazy.

Ryan Taylor v “Pretty” Peter Avalon (A): I love how PPA stomps the mat to get pumped up, and then after ducking a clothesline goes to climb the cage right away. Total chickenshit heel stuff right there. Taylor is able to coral Avalon, though, and throws some stiff kicks to Avalon’s back. PPA looks like he fell asleep on his stomach at the beach his back his so red. And it only gets worse as the fight goes on because Taylor is relentless. Taylor has the upper hand in the beginning, but Avalon is able to find some offense after he slams the cage door on Taylor’s head. Really interesting changes of momentum in this fight that left the outcome in doubt the whole time. That is until Taylor has a clear path to exiting the cage after hitting Avalon with a chair. Awesome match that ends an epic feud.


One of the best episode of NWA Hollywood I have seen in recent memory. A stellar main event with a solid undercard.

Dayton Marinkovich

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