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TNA Impact Wrestling 12/22 Review

The Wildcard Tag Team Tournament continues tonight. AJ and Kaz teaming together isn’t very random, but Daniels teaming with RVD is. Last week’s show didn’t have any stand-out matches, but the storylines stayed consistent. So with that being said, I’m really excited to see what the next move is in the Hardy/Roode feud. That Powerbomb Hardy took last week was pretty gnarly, as he over shot the table by a little bit. This is such an amazing week in Professional wrestling, with TLC being solid and Final Battle tomorrow, so to say that TNA hasn’t completely fallen on the back burner speaks volumes as to how much TNA has improved.


The two best heels in TNA (Bully Ray and Bobby Roode) open up the show. Both are excellent on the mic, so I’m digging this duo. Hardy interrupts the Roode and Ray show to say he wants a tag match with a partner of his choice. That partner is none other than the man who has the authority to make the match, Sting. This is how I like to see the Stinger involved, mostly the authority, but can also get in the ring from time to time. Should be a fun main event.

RVD & Christopher Daniels v AJ Styles & Kaz (C): Daniels throws in some nice comedy from the corner when RVD locks up with Styles by saying “I beat him, you can beat him maybe”. You got to love Daniels, that had me busting up. Styles and Kaz being familiar tag partners, and RVD being rivals with Daniels comes into play right away. Styles and Kaz work well together, while RVD acts like this is a Handicap Match. Daniels does get tagged in eventually, but when he tries to tag RVD in, he gets hit with a kick to the head.

Zema Ion v Anthony Nese (B): This is the second fight in a best of three series to see who advances to Genesis to fight for the X-Division Championship. As most matches from Ion start, this one starts out with a ton of energy. The match is more competitive than last week’s, but Ion picks Nese’s head up again before the three count. This time he pays for it because Nese rolls up Ion for the victory.

Madison lets us know that Karen made her the Vice President before she was fired last week. This is a good move, Madison has a lot of personality and can genuinely generate heat.

A nice promo from Pope. Also, got a “through Hellfire and brimstone” mention in there. Devon takes Pope by the collar, then Devon’s boys nail him with a chair. This has been a feud building for a long time, now it is getting intense.

Like any cohesive tag team, Eric Young and ODB have dinner by a fish tank. EY is always hilarious, and if he ever went to the WWE he could form the most hilarious tag team of all-time with Santino.

Tara v Miss Tessmacher (D): Madison Rayne is the special guest referee for this bout that she made. Tessmacher and Tara aren’t taking this match seriously, and it has Rayne screaming threats at both of them. Eventually the competitiveness of both ladies gets the best of them, and it turns into a match. Not a very good match, and the end comes when Tessmacher and Tara hit Madison. They did try some comedy, it just didn’t go as well as planned.

James Storm continues to hype up the feud between himself and Kurt Angle. And he does a really solid job of it. I just hope their match can live up to the hype this time, as it fell a little short in their first fight.

Anarquia & Shannon Moore v Eric Young & ODB (C): This match is all over the place, but Moore bails out on Anarquia after he Body Slams ODB. The finish comes when ODB hits Anarquia with a low blow. Somehow, someway ODB and EY advance to the next round. Hey, I know this team of ODB and Eric Young isn’t going to last long, so I’m going to enjoy it for now. Funny stuff.

Angle takes a bunch of jabronies out at a bar. I don’t know how this is suppose to convey a message that he can beat Storm? Storm might be at the bar a lot, but he is no jabroni.

Street Fight: Sting & Jeff Hardy v Bobby Roode & Bully Ray (B): Hardy is rocking the face paint on half of his face, which sends me down memory lane to the time when Piper was feuding with the late, Bad News Brown. Sting looks fresh to start this match, and this match has a big fight feel. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate Sting when he was wrestling a lot, it just wasn’t as exciting as it should be for a legend who is towards the end of his wrestling career. Sting even Superplexes big Bully Ray in this bout. Only a couple negatives about this match. I’ve always found the split screen to be distracting and the audio was all choppy. Other than those two tiny complaints, the match was a fun main event. I could’ve gone without them having to get a new table after botching the Suplex on to the table spot, but it was awesome seeing Sting in action again.


They could’ve broken up the string of promos by throwing in a match, but another solid episode of TNA Impact Wrestling. The Wildcard Tournament intrigues me, and it is exciting that Nese and Ion are going to have a third and final match. Plus, Hardy and Roode have a nice feud developing.

Dayton Marinkovich

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