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Ring of Honor TV 12/17 Review

Final Battle looms in the horizon as almost all of the pieces have been set in place for the stories being told. Four great feuds are exercised, with a few other somewhat random, but promising matches to fill out the card. When you take a moment to analyze the situation, you may realize that this is ROH’s first Sinclair Broadcasting Group Go-Home Show. My biggest question tonight: How well will ROH handle it?


Andy “Right Leg” Ridge v Eddie Edwards (C+): Kick for kick, hold for hold, maneuver for maneuver, these two started the night right with an exciting battle. Eddie essentially controls Ridge throughout, but he manages to make Andy look like a star. Eddie’s Dragon Sleeper looks harsh in its application, which is a necessary bit of flash to help get the finisher over(though with ROH fans, they’ll probably love almost anything Edwards does).

Most of this episode’s time has been dedicated to replays in order to catch everyone up on all the happenings that have led to the feuds set to explode at Final Battle. There’s nothing wrong with the extra hype for the PPV, but it would be nice to see them take a less lazy approach on their go-home show. I would have liked to see more story development take place, but considering the time given to the matches on this episode, I understand.

Michael Elgin v Davey Richards (B-): Richards gets Elgin over as the unstoppable powerhouse he is, and it takes Davey more effort than one may have thought to overcome his sheer power. He intelligently attempts to wear down Elgin’s limbs, but the Unbreakable one is too strong to be rendered powerless so soon. The way Davey sells looks like murder, but his unwavering will keeps him going, which comes off as more desperate with the way Davey convinces me of his pain. Everything plays out perfectly, and not one moment feels unbelievable(other than general liberties taken with professional wrestling). It’s best Elgin lost, because he already has a title shot from winning the SOTF 2011 Tournament

The show could not have ended on a better note. Eddie’s mistake of striking Richards with the belt was that one push that was needed to officially push these guys into hatred and anger, which finalizes the fresh dynamic they’ve been building for Richards and Edwards’ third meeting in the ring.


Emotions have reached a boiling point, and tension is at an all-time high between Edwards/Richards. All this produces the recipe for the perfect rubber match between two former best friends. Has Dan Severn’s teachings given Eddie the tools to defeat his fellow American Wolf, or will Davey’s fighting spirit continue to prevail?

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