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WWE Monday Night Raw 11/7 Review

I couldn’t be happier about Raw being in Liverpool. The United Kingdom really brings the noise at every opportunity, and they really added a lot of creativity and fun to the show tonight. Some interesting developments occurred during this Raw. Once again, Punk spits fire on the mic and Morrison tries to end his losing streak. In the main event, it’s Awesome Truth against the dynamic duo of John Cena and Zack Ryder. Zack Ryder is over here in the States, but not like he is in the UK.


Cena gets a resounding amount of boos as he makes his way down to the ring. When he mentions The Rock, the crowd bursts into Rocky chants. Cena reminds us that The Rock will be back at RAW, but he wants to focus on tonight because this is the first time that Liverpool is hosting Monday Night Raw. The Miz and Truth interrupt Cena. Miz brings the intensity, but seemed to leave that behind at last week’s Raw. Truth gets the “What” treatment, and really deserved it because he was setting the crowd up perfectly. Cena and his tag team partner for the night, Zack Ryder, clear Miz and Truth from the ring. A nice opener to set up the main event tag team match tonight. The crowd really is half the reason why I enjoyed this segment.

Dolph Ziggler v John Morrison (B): In an effort to break his losing streak, Morrison starts fast in this match. Dolph really slows the pace down with some rest holds, smart move by the United States champ. Vickie yelling “Finish him” at the one-minute mark was funny. That kind of reminded me of “Karate Kid” when Daniel was facing the Cobra-Kai. You could really sense Morrison’s desperation to get a victory. Compelling stuff from these two tremendous athletes. I’m glad to see Morrison get a clean victory here. Meanwhile, Dolph is now on a bit of a losing streak.

Mason Ryan v JTG (D): Ryan squashes JTG here with zero style. Ryan continues to look very green. Also, I don’t think you can say Mason Ryan without mentioning steroids. He is all bark with no bite. Ryan looks like a beast, but his moves are so weak.

Michael Cole alerts us that Ross will not be in England to take the Michael Cole challenge. Darn, Cole says it might go down next week. Please no.

Alberto Del Rio v Kofi Kingston (D): Kofi takes a few nasty bumps in this short match. One after he attempts the ROH-signature dive through the top and middle rope. And the other when Del Rio rams his shoulder into the post. Del Rio doesn’t break the arm bar after Kofi taps. Obviously Kofi is paying the price for his suspended partner, Evan Bourne.

Post-match, Punk comes out to throw some verbal jabs at Del Rio. First, Alberto receives some nice heat by insulting the crowd. Del Rio wants Punk to cancel the match or else Del Rio is going to make him. Punk says he did what he did because Del Rio cashed in the Money in the Bank on him and then defeated him again at HiaC via a lead pipe. Punk calling Del Rio one dimensional on the mic does ring true. Del Rio really isn’t all that intense or interesting on the mic. I like the revenge factor here for Punk. This feud has my attention.

Jack Swagger v Santino Marella (D): As expected, it is all Swagger for most of this match. Santino looks for his chances, but they are quickly shut down. Swagger wins when he applies the ankle lock to Santino.

Kelly Kelly gets interrupted by Beth Phoenix and Natalya before she can unveil her Maxim Magazine cover. Nothing new is said by Beth and Natalya. Barbie this and that, the segment could have easily been on No advancement whatsoever in their feud.

The best part about Nash coming out is getting to hear the NWO music. Nash goes over his and Triple H’s friendship. He says it was all good until last year when he entered the Royal Rumble and received the biggest pop of the night. Nash wanted to come back after that, but Triple H said no. Kevin Nash still thinks he’s got “it”. Obviously, Nash doesn’t have much left in the tank, if anything at all. Nash and Triple H are both intense dudes though, and Nash might have one good fight left in him.

Del Rio attacks Punk backstage after Punk and Otunga go at it. Funny segment between Otunga and Punk with Del Rio getting a little revenge for earlier.

Awesome Truth v John Cena & Zack Ryder (B): Cena starts out the match, but all the fans want is Ryder. Ryder definitely receives the biggest pop of the night when enters the match. Truth takes the bump of the night when he is thrown over the top rope by Ryder. They replayed it in slow-mo and man, did he hit his head hard! Awesome Truth are in control for most of this main event. Just when Cena looks to be in beast mode, Miz kicks Cena in the face and R-Truth grabs the foot of Cena to give them the victory.


Overall, an enjoyable episode of Raw. I didn’t particularly like the three squash matches in a row, but the opener and main event were solid. Plus, Punk and Del Rio had some interesting developments. Next week Raw gets “Rocked”!

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