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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/4 Review

In general, this Smackdown was made of quality. A lot of the main feuds are touched upon in some way, and most of the matches were worth the view. If everything is how I’m expecting, this sets in motion events that can lead to a Traditional Survivor Series Tag Match including Orton, Rhodes, Christian, Sheamus, Barrett, and possibly others. The usual issue arises again as there seem to be a few odd booking decisions, leaving me wondering what their direction is with some people?


Randy Orton v Cody Rhodes(C+): A brawl rooted in believable hatred is a good way to open up any wrestling show. Part of me is upset that a No DQ match between these two is wasted on TV, but I’m of the belief that it will probably lead to a Smackdown Survivor Series Tag Match. Rhodes continues to prove that he’s crafty in the ring. He can seek out any opportunity to take advantage, and a Street Fight is the perfect setting for him to have many opportunities. I hope that whenever Cody wins the big belt, he wins it from Randy Orton. It will be a nice World Title match. Orton made Rhodes look really good tonight. However, Orton winning AGAIN does nothing for Cody. That severely hurts this match.

Ted DiBiase v Tyson Kidd(): Seeing Tyson on Smackdown is awesome. Seeing him without an entrance or a win, not so much. He did come off as a great performer, like he always does in his few TV matches as of late, and actually dominated Ted through most of the match…but unfortunately the less talented one(in my eyes) won, and I am not too thrilled about that, unless, as usual, it leads to a PPV feud.

Daniel Bryan going up against Mark Henry could be epic, and could really help get DB the momentum he needs to actually seem ready for the WHC. It all depends on how they handle it…and that doesn’t necessarily mean that he has to win for it to matter.

Alicia Fox v Natalya(C-): If the match was a bit longer, perhaps it could have been better. I liked the move Fox used to get the win, though I am not sure if that is supposed to be her new finisher. You knew Alicia was going to get a win against Natalya. Her face turn had to lead to something at some point.

Show looks better with a skull cap, and he talks about no one likes to hear a monster give a long speech…which is what he’s been doing almost every week since his return, if not longer. To his credit, he does make fun of himself in a way, so it came off as amusing. Christian’s hypocritical heelery saves the day, with his genius integration of cheap heat. He’s in full gear, which is perfect for him floating around the upper midcard/main event until he gets the belt back again. I hope we see him with the belt again within the next 6 months. Not so much the Big Show.

Christian v Wade Barrett(C+): I like Christian complaining about the chokeslam and Wade coming in to substitute. Remember what I said about Orton and Cody? Screw that. I have never seen a match recently where so much malice seemed to fuel it than any of Sheamus and Barrett’s matches, and they’ve only had two on Smackdown! Again, my feelings are this leads to a Survivor Series tag match which include both of these men and Christian. If not, I hope they get a high-profile one-on-one feud in the near future. My question is this: Is Barrett now officially a part of the Heel stable(I don’t know what else to call them)?

The brawl backstage is tense, and seeing Sheamus take it to both Wade and Christian puts him over well. It was done even better considering Barrett didn’t completely get beaten. Christian is supposed to be a coward, it’s ok for him to be laid out on the ground.

Big Show tells Bryan he’s going to be in his corner during his match against Henry. I hope there’s something more important about that than Big Show just taking his opportunity to knock Henry out.

Sin Cara v Epico(C): The way they introduced Epico was genius, showing him without a detailed entrance as if he’s some scrub, but he looks STRONG against Sin Cara. For a short match, it had its appeal, and the main treat was the aftermath, anyway. Hunico comes out to officially bring their tag team from FCW to Smackdown. I’m all for it, especially if it means another legit tag team to add to the division.

Mark Henry v Daniel Bryan(C): This mach does a great job at both making Bryan look like he could believably beat Mark Henry and making Henry look like an out of control monster. Bryan’s technical ability allows him to pick apart his larger opponents in a way that could lead to victory, but that is not necessarily the case here, which is for the best. The impact of anything this match built is slightly stagnated when Big Show interferes and ends the match. His interference during the match was a bad move in general for Daniel Bryan’s case.

I suppose the fallout where Bryan’s Cash-In was teased sort of improved his situation, but it didn’t help much, especially since he got a World’s Strongest Slam with no real glory. It helps build Big Show and Henry, which is important…I’m just upset at the missed opportunity to kick start a good angle for Bryan.


Randy Orton, Sheamus, Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, and ??? vs Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Hunico, Epico, and Christian. That’s my guess for the Survivor Series Tag Match, though I’m skeptical about Cara, Hunico, and Epico’s involvement.

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