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TNA Impact Wrestling 11/24 Review

On this Thanksgiving edition of Impact Wrestling, Mexican America will get a chance to regain the belts that they lost to Crimson and Matt Morgan last week. I didn’t expect Mexican America to drop the belts to Morgan and Crimson on their first try at the Tag Team Championship, so who knows what we will see in this match. TNA’s tag division sure isn’t what it used to be. Going with the Survivor Series theme, Team Angle will battle Team Storm. Hopefully, those two turkeys, Eric and Garett Bischoff, aren’t featured too much on tonight’s show. Garett Bischoff defeating Gunner last week was quite disappointing.


A video package recaps Storm’s search for the man who jumped him. The man turned out to be Kurt Angle. Angle is on the mic to start the show. Angle doesn’t believe he attacked Storm from behind, Angle was just so quick, Storm didn’t see it coming. Angle’s reasoning behind attacking Storm was he felt Storm screwed him out of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. For some reason, Angle looks thinner every week. Storm comes out to counter. James Storm is ready to fight, he says it is personal now. Before they can brawl, Angle has Daniels, Bully Ray, and Jeff Jarrett back him up. Storm drops Angle, then Styles, RVD, and Anderson all come out to brawl with Daniels, Ray, and Double J. These are all the competitors in the main event tonight (Team Storm v Team Angle)

EY is shown arriving with the turkey costume that has become a tradition on the TNA Thanksgiving episodes.

TNA Tag Team Championship: Crimson & Matt Morgan (c) v Mexican America (N/A): I am not the biggest Mexican America fan, but the way they lost last week was weak. I don’t really see the point in rushing Crimson and Morgan’s title reign. Now for tonight’s match, Morgan and Crimson defeat Mexican American quickly. The champs toss Hernandez out, then pin Anarquia. I just don’t understand the benefit of a squash match here.

EY tells Robbie E that Sting told him they have to wrestle in a “Loser Wears the Turkey Costume Match” or else Robbie E will be stripped of the TNA Television Championship. After Robbie E walks away complaining, EY says that he made this up, and Sting didn’t say anything at all.

Unfortunately, Karen Jarrett is on the mic for this next segment. Karen Jarrett walks out with the heel Knockouts, then calls out all the faces. Karen announces there is going to be a “Thanksgiving Thunder Thong Match”. This reeks of the the WWE Attitude Era, but it does go along with the storyline of Karen Jarrett trying to ruin the Knockouts division. After the commercial break, the Knockouts were upset about this, saying how they were above this. Mickie James confronted Gail Kim, which of course, led to a brawl.

Winter, Angelina Love, Madison Rayne v Tara, Miss Tessmacher, Velvet Sky (D): This match begins with just a bunch of posing. Tessmacher and Winter definitely do not have any chemistry, as they struggle with an Irish Whip. Velvet does eventually get the hot tag. As Rayne is about to hit Velvet with the tag belt, Mickie James comes out to lend a helping hand. The faces get the victory. Let’s just say this wasn’t the best Knockouts match.

Double J walks out dressed up as Jeff Hardy. He disses on Hardy’s makeup, promos, and risk-taking style. Jarrett goes on about how Hardy embarrassed TNA, which brings out Hardy to brawl with Jarrett. It doesn’t take long for the members of Team Storm and Team Angle to get involved. Seriously, another brawl breaks out. This is getting out of control.

Turkey Costume Match: Eric Young v Robbie E (C): The ref, Rudy Charles, is rocking the WWF blue shirt with a black bow-tie look. After Robbie E hits EY with a roll of quarters, he gets the win. The ref spots this though, restarts the match, then EY gets the win. After the match, Eric says Robbie E won’t be wearing the turkey costume, instead it will be Rob Terry. Terry puts on the costume because he doesn’t want Robbie E to lose the title. EY is funny like always, and gets a “Turkey” chant going.

Team Storm (RVD, Anderson, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy) v Team Angle (Bully Ray, Daniels, Jeff Jarrett, Bobby Roode) (B): It definitely is odd seeing Angle and Jarrett walk down the ramp together after they had such a heated rivalry for a year. Jeff Hardy will not be competing, and Roode is supposed to be, but he is doing commentary to start the match. Roode bails out on commentary when he sees an opportunity to take out Anderson. Anderson is the first to be eliminated. Shortly after, Roode is eliminated because he hit Styles below the belt. Angle interferes with RVD when he is about hit his Five Star Frogsplash, causing him to be eliminated. It is now 3-1. Both, Jarett and Bully Ray put their boots up in the corner as Daniels sends Styles into it. I can’t remember the last time I saw a double boot in the corner? Hardy’s music hits. Jeff limps his way down the ramp, and is now in this match. He lands Twist of Fate on Daniels, then rolls up Jarrett. Hardy eliminates both men quickly. The end of the match happens fast, as Ray eliminates Hardy, then AJ finishes off Bully Ray. Roode comes out after the match is over to hit Styles over the head with the belt.


Well, this was a Thanksgiving episode after all. So, I understand why they wouldn’t advance any major story lines. There was no Eric or Garett Bischoff, so that is a big plus! Also, the Elimination Tag Match was really fun. Happy Thanksgiving!

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