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TNA Impact Wrestling 11/10 Review

Impact Wrestling is in Georgia this week. It is always a plus whenever TNA gets away from Universal Studios. The Turning Point main event is announced, albeit the PPV is only four days away. You definitely do not want to book your PPV main event this close to the show, but I am looking forward to the match. Also in this episode there is a Knockouts Tag Title match, EY and Ronnie take on Robbie E and Rob Terry, and the X-Division Title match at Turning Point is announced.


Bobby Roode begins the show with an excellent promo. Roode fits the heel persona a lot better in my eyes. This feud between Roode and Storm is now being taken to a whole new level with Roode’s heel turn. As Roode rips on Storm, James comes out to try and take out Roode. When Roode bails out of the ring, Sting is at the top of the entrance way. Sting makes the main event, Storm v Roode for the World Title tonight.

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero v Crimson (D): A very short match, but Crimson and Dinero worked well together for the time they got. Preferably, I would’ve liked to see this match go a few minutes longer. Crimson picks up the victory after he nails Dinero with Red Sky.

I like to see Gunner getting a little time to talk. This is the only way that one will ever improve. He speaks on how Bischoff’s son, Garett, is going to pay for disrespecting Eric.

Gunner v Garett Bischoff (n/a): Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair accompany Gunner to the ring. Garett surprises Gunner with an arm drag to start this match, followed up by a hip toss. Ric Flair interferes and gets the match, I believe, to be ruled a no contest.

After the commercial break, a bloody and beaten James Storm is shown backstage. Man, I was really looking forward to Roode v Storm round two.

Zema Ion v Jesse Sorensen (C): It is cool to see Zema back on TV, even if it was just for a short match. Zema displays a few nice moves, but Jesse Sorensen wins after he hits Ion with the Crossrhodes. Post-match, Kid Kash comes out and gets in Sorensen’s face. Kash reveals at Turning Point there will be an X-Division title match, A-Double v Sorensen v Kash. A-Double comes out after Jesse signs the contract. Aries and Kash destroy Sorensen. This Sunday it will be every man for himself though. I’m as pumped to see this match, as I am any Aries match.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Madison Rayne & Gail Kim (c) v Mickie James & Velvet Sky (C): Regardless of the fact that the Knockouts Tag Championship is a joke, this match was solid. The heels played their role well and so did the faces. Karen Jarrett provided the distraction, which lead to Gail Kim and Madison Rayne retaining their meaningless belts.

Robbie E & Rob Terry v Ronnie & Eric Young (D): EY provides a little comedy and then takes the brunt of the beating in this match. Eric connects with a well-executed Belly to Belly, then Ronnie comes in.The only good thing I can say about Ronnie is the retro Jordans he is rocking in this match. Somehow, someway Ronnie and EY get the win.

Bully Ray and Scott Steiner deliver a very typical promo. I’m not implying that is a bad thing either. By typical, I mean you never know what they are going to say.

Another brawl between INK Inc and Mexican America breaks out. What else is new?

Christopher Daniels v AJ Styles (B): For the 1,000th time these two meet in the squared-circle, and for the 1,000th time they produce a good match. Who has a better drop kick than AJ Styles? Not many. To say that these two work well together would be an understatement. Definitely a TV Match of the Week candidate.

Immortal (Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, Bully Ray) v Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy & Abyss (C): It always busts me up when Steiner lands his elbow, then before the ref can count he starts doing pushups. And for some reason, the ref always moves in sync with the pushups. Speaking of Steiner, he hits Hardy with a big Fall Away Slam in this bout. Immortal really takes control for the majority of this match. Hardy hitting The Whisper in the Wind is the turning point in this match. After that move, there is action everywhere until Abyss hits Steiner with The Black Hole Slam.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Bobby Roode v James Storm (n/a): Storm is covered in blood and can barely make it down the ramp. He collapses in the ring after about a minute. Roode rolls Storm up for, I guess, the win. The best part of this segment is that AJ comes out to help Storm, then challenges Roode to a match at Turning Point. Sting is there to make the match the main event this Sunday.


Not the strongest wrestling, that is for sure. Although, there were a few highlights and Turning Point actually is a PPV I am excited for. I’m looking forward to a few matches this Sunday. AJ v Roode, RVD v Daniels, Aries v Kash v Sorensen, and Hardy v Jarrett.

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