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Ring of Honor TV 11/5 Review

Tonight, the challenger for Davey Richards’ World Championship will be revealed. Also, we find out if Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman can hang with Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. We are slowly approaching Final Battle, and Ring of Honor looks to be building towards quite a show. There are also advancements in the Kevin Steen v Ring of Honor storyline. Another exciting show from ROH, so let’s get to it. This is the review for Ring of Honor TV 11/5.


Jim Cornette has come to the conclusion that Eddie Edwards will be the man to face Davey Richards at Final Battle for the ROH World Championship. This is music to my ears because, as we all know, Eddie and Davey can put on an amazing match. Eddie Edwards has a new trainer, but he will reveal who that is at a later time.
Davey comes out to add some more fuel to this fire that is already raging. It is Wolf v Wolf at Final Battle 2011!

Truth Martini pumps Michael Elgin up for his next match. Elgin is looking to return to his winning ways after his loss against “Die Hard” last week. Shiloh Jonze is the unfortunate wrestler that has to step foot into the squared-circle with Elgin. Not much of a promo from Shiloh, and I don’t expect much of a match from him either.

Shiloh Jonze v Michael Elgin (C): The bout starts out with Elgin beating down Jonze, which was expected. Elgin hits Shiloh with some Splashes and Shoulder Blocks. Shiloh does show some fight, but only to receive a nice Powerslam for it. This isn’t a total squash, as Shiloh gets in a few offensive maneuvers. The ending comes when Elgin hits him with a Bucklebomb followed up by a Turning, Twisting Sit-Out Powerbomb. Elgin with the easy victory.

Next up is the “Inside ROH” segment. This week the segment focuses on Kevin Steen. Cornette has been notified of a law suit against him. A video is shown of Kevin Steen alongside his lawyers. Basically, they are accusing Cornette of fixing a sporting event and fraud. They only acceptable settlement is allowing Steen to return to ROH full-time. Steen says he is finally doing things Cornette’s way. He has come to Jim’s hometown of Louisville (Steen totally botches the pronunciation) and he is suing him. Steen is sick of not being in the best wrestling company in the world. When Steen gets back, he wants Corino, Jacobs, and El Generico. An intense promo from the one and only, Kevin Steen.

“The Prodigy” Mike Bennett talks about why he didn’t want to go to overtime against Jay Lethal. Bennett feels as if he had already won that match, but the ref refused to stop it. Bennett wants a different ref, not Todd Sinclair, in their next TV Title fight. Sinclair saw that Lethal was defending himself when Bennett was raining down on him with fists, and that is why he did not stop the match.

Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander v Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (B): This is a Proving Ground Match. If Coleman and Alexander defeat WGTT then they will receive a title shot within the next 90 days. Coleman definitely proves, pardon the pun, that he can hang with Shelton Benjamin to begin this match. Haas and Benjamin work on Alexander for the majority of this match. WGTT cut the ring in half and decide to take out the left leg of Alexander. Cedric, eventually, finds an opportunity to make the tag after a Tornado DDT. Coleman does come in with all the momentum, and seems to be one step ahead of Benjamin. To Coleman and Alexander’s credit they do get a few near-falls on WGTT. Caprice and Cedric did come up short in this one, as they were defeated by Wrestling’s Greatest Finisher. An entertaining bout, and I am looking foward to more from these ROH rookies. The Briscoes come out after the match to congratulate WGTT on beating the two biggest greenhorns. At Final Battle, they have to step into the ring and face the baddest tag team on the planet. As if the match needed any hype, I thought The Briscoes added to it with this short promo.


I’m ready for Final Battle now! WGTT v The Briscoes, Steen v Corino, and Richards v Edwards. Sounds awesome to me.

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