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Ring of Honor TV 10/29 Review

We get three matches this week, which is a change from every other show so far that ROH has had. They have had two matches on all the other shows, and I was really growing tired of this same format every week. In the main event tonight, The Briscoe Brothers face The All Night Express, but the opening bout really stole the show.


Nigel and Kevin Kelly open up the show discussing the main event. The Briscoe Brothers will face The All Night Express to settle the issue of who is number one contender to the ROH Tag Team Championship. The winner will face Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team at the Final Battle iPPV.

Before Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong wrestle, they both get a little bit of mic time. Roderick thinks O’Reilly is just a punk, and Team Richards is a joke. O’Reilly knows Roderick doesn’t respect him or Team Richards. This isn’t going to be a wrestling match, it is going to be a fight. Nice promos from both men here, as they both seem to improve with every chance they get on the mic.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Roderick Strong (A): This is an intense wrestling match. What else would you expect from these two? A former ROH World Champ versus one hungry dude who definitely has the potential to be a future ROH World Champ. I was excited to hear that these two would kick off the show and they did not disappoint. The only complaint I have is that I missed some of the action due to a commercial break. That is the television wrestling though, nothing you can do about it. I’m pretty sure that Future Shock will have a tag team match at Final Battle, but if not, I would love to see Kyle O’Reilly accept Roderick Strong’s open challenge. This whole Team Richards against The House of Truth feud is getting really good! The post-match action produces some awesome stuff including an Alabama Slam onto the two knees of Roderick. What a way to start off the show!

Jim Cornette comes out after the break and fines all the members of The House of Truth. While he is doing this, a “We Want Steen” chant breaks out. Jim says he understands the fans want Steen back, but the fans are not the ones who have to deal with him. Steen is an insurance nightmare and public relations disaster. Jim Cornette makes it clear that ROH is not going to do business with Kevin Steen.

Now it is time to go “Inside ROH”. Who is going to challenge Davey Richards at Final Battle for the ROH World Championship? It is down to two men. Those two men are Jay Lethal and Eddie Edwards. Man, I sure hope it is Eddie Edwards. I would love to see Davey and Eddie try to top what they did at Best in the World. After Eddie and Jay talk, we find out what is going on with next week’s show. We will get to see a “Proving Ground Match”. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team will face Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman. If Cedric and Caprice win or draw, then they will receive a title fight in the next 90 days.

Tomasso Ciampa vs. Alex Silva (C): Tomasso remains undefeated in Ring of Honor competition. This wasn’t a squash, but “The Dominant Male” really stiffs Silva around the ring in this one. Silva does get a little offense in, but the finish was never in doubt. Tomasso ends the match with Project Ciampa.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. The All Night Express (B): As much as I love when ANX does battle with The Briscoe Brothers, I am glad to have this whole thing settled. It was definitely about time to have this feud come to an end. I don’t think these two teams are capable of putting on a bad match, but this was not their finest. Overall, it was an entertaining match, although I would’ve preferred their ladder match to have been the ending to this feud. The Briscoe Brothers move on to Final Battle to wrestle for the ROH World Tag Team Championship.


Next week we find out who will be challenging Davey Richards at Final Battle. As for this week’s show, it was another awesome wrestling program from top to bottom.

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