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NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Episode 60

NWA Hollywood continues to do what they do best, put on one entertaining wrestling show. Now for a little preview of the show. Dave Marquez has some good news for all NWA fans, Mandel takes on his rival SoCal Crazy, and there is a new mysterious addition to The Disorder. Also, could Colt Cabana possibly join The Family Stone? We find out after Cabana takes on Eric Watts in the main event.


Dave Marquez is with two fans, one from New Hampshire and the other from Alaska. They both came, specifically, to see Colt Cabana. They bash TNA and WWE for not having any heart. This was a very cool and different way to start the show. A nice move by NWA Hollywood, I’m sure those two will never forget that they were in the opening segment for the show. I know I wouldn’t.

Ricky Mandel v SoCal Crazy (B): These rivals display smooth style in this bout. The chemistry between the fighters produces an effortless flow. As the commentators mention, the winner of this match will catapult to being next in line for a NWA Television Championship shot. That is, of course, after the number one contender, Peter Avalon, gets his match. Mandel hitting Crazy with an Edge-like Spear was when I thought it was over. SoCal Crazy hung tough and picked up the victory after Hector Canales distracted Mandel.

Dave Marquez announces that NWA Hollywood has a new home, Glendale Studios. This is awesome news for one of my favorite wrestling promotions. Nothing against The Showcase Theatre, I just think it was time to move on to a new venue. Some more awesome news is the announcement of the new entrants into the NWA Hall of Fame. The list is Pat O’Connor, Dusty Rhodes, Angelo Savoldi, Rikidozan, Sue Green, Freddie Blassie, Wahoo McDaniels, Johnny Valentine, The LeBell Eaton family, and Bill Apter.

Nick Madrid v Johnny Paradise (D): The opposite of the last match, this bout features two wrestlers who are not familiar with each other at all. This shows right away, as they botch a Clothesline. They sort of get on the same page, but the match is choppy.

Colt Cabana is surprised at Stu Stone’s offer, but he is a business man, so he will think about it. Colt says after his match he will have an answer. It is so rad seeing Colt Cabana back in NWA Hollywood. He takes the company to another level because of how well-known he is around the globe. Plus, Colt, first and foremost, is a superb wrestler.

“M” v Sergio Vega (n/a): When The Disorder comes out I’m totally intrigued. That just wasn’t the case when Joey Kaos was the leader. “M” squashes Vega here, and rightfully so. I’m glad they are building up the new leader slowly. “M” has an impressive finisher, a Pump-Handle Sidewinder Slam. After the match, Madrid runs out to come face-to-face with “M” after taking out every single member of The Disorder. A new member hits Madrid from behind right before “M” and Madrid are about to fight. I can’t really say much about the new member because he was in all black and his hair was covering his face the whole time.

“Big Nasty” Eric Watts v Colt Cabana (B): Stu says after this match he is going to hand Cabana the money, and history will be made. Colt Cabana stifles “Big Nasty” in the beginning of this match with his Comedy and Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling. Watts tosses Colt into the guardrail, which shifts the momentum to his side. When Watts Irish Whips Cabana into the turnbuckles, it looks as if the whole ring moves. After the commercial break, Cabana hits Watts with The Flying Apple. This has the crowd chanting for the Billy Goat, but Watts and Cabana continue to go back and forth. Colt gets the victory after he fights off a Belly to Back Suplex, then Moonsaults onto Watts for the 1-2-3. Post-match, Stu climbs in the ring and asks Colt Cabana to sign The Family Stone contract. Colt hands the contract back to Stu, but takes off with the money. Colt leaves saying “I’m going to Sizzler”.


There you have it, another exciting episode of NWA Hollywood. This promotion is only getting better and moving to a new venue starting December 4. There is a lot to look forward to with this company. Colt Cabana is back, The Disorder is interesting, “Scrap Iron” is the champ, I could go on and on. Remember if you don’t live in Southern California, you can watch the episodes online at NWA Hollywood’s website.

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