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FCW 10/30 Review

Another week brings us another episode of FCW. I look forward to this show. Hopefully, it’s something that makes it onto the WWE Network, since everyone deserves the opportunity to watch without resorting to YouTube (not that there’s anything wrong with Youtube). This week’s show was heavy on promo videos for the Ascension. Instead of pointing each of them out individually (there are really only two videos), I’m going to state that there were five of them throughout the show. The videos are good, so I’m not complaining. I like the group and hope they get used properly. Anyway, time for the review.


FCW 15 Championship Match: Seth Rollins vs Damien Sandow (B-)

A little history is in order here. Seth Rollins is the only FCW 15 Champion since the title made its debut in January, so we’re talking about a serious title reign here. This essentially works like an Iron Man Match, except that it’s only fifteen minutes long. I love the concept. The first three minutes are rather slow, mostly Rollins keeping Sandow grounded with headlocks and the like. The match really picks up when Dean Ambrose strolls out carrying two bags of popcorn and a soda. He wants to sit and watch the match, but Rollins and Sandow are so disturbed by his presence that the referee tosses out Ambrose. Sandow capitalizes with a roll up and goes up a PINFALL. These guys wrestle a nice match from that point forward. I was looking forward to how Rollins was going to get back into the match, especially since he’s sporting an injured biceps that Sandow keeps working. Rollins takes a nasty looking bump on the security barrier. He also has a fantastic dive out of the ring onto Sandow during this match. It’s extra cool because Sandow was on his back at the time. Rollins evens the score with a roll up of his own. Rollins really takes control and with time running down, he seems to have Sandow totally set up for a dramatic finish. That’s when Dean Ambrose makes another appearance. I’ll spare you the details (watch the match) but we’ve got a new Champion. Good stuff.

Jinder Mahal and Rick Victor vs Percy Watson and Titus O’Neil (C)

I like Jinder Mahal. Great look, good presence, actual mic skills. He’s improving as a wrestler, so I wish him the best. I don’t know enough about Victor to have a strong opinion. He looked decent during this match. I can’t stand Percy and Titus. They’re good athletes, and I do believe that Titus has a niche as a tag wrestler, but whenever they’re together, they annoy me to no end. The match was decent. Ultimately, Jinder does what he does best. He abandoned his partner and walked away, leaving Victor to fall victim to the Clash of the Titus, a move with a better name than Titus deserves.

They did manage to sneak a good Leo Kruger hype video in between all of the Ascension promos.

Brad Maddox vs Briley Pierce (D-)

Maddox made Pierce look like a talentless bum and when Pierce got up and challenged Maddox again (because the first win was a “fluke) Maddox got back into the ring. The bell rang again (who knew it was that easy to get a rematch?) and Maddox won for a second time without breaking a sweat. I’m not sure where this is going, but I didn’t enjoy it.

Regal gets an important phone call and has to leave. This dooms commentary to being almost intolerable. I’m not exaggerating. Eden Stiles sits in and while I don’t hate her, it doesn’t matter. Matt never stopped to take a breath for the rest of the show. He just kept talking.

Conor O’Brian vs Colin Cassady (C-)

Cassady doesn’t get an entrance. He is tall though. Conor gets the epic Ascension entrance. They even mic’d Raquel Diaz so everyone can hear her shouting instructions and just being awesome. This is a total squash match. Conor does whatever he wants to his freakishly tall opponent. The end comes when the other Ascension people jump onto the apron and go crazy. Conor somehow knocks out a 6’10” guy with a big boot and gets the win. Not much of match, but the antics of the Ascension continue to be entertaining. Hopefully, they get to actually do something soon.

Richie Steamboat vs Husky Harris (NA)

This match doesn’t go anywhere. The two guys are so intent on slapping and punching each other, that the match gets thrown out because they also insist on shoving the referee to the ground. Maxine comes out and sends the entire locker room to break them up. Regal’s at Maxine’s side. Maxine ends up taking a bump, but while Regal is checking on her, Dean Ambrose attacks Regal. Ambrose then scurries away as Regal starts to go after him, but Maxine orders him to stop. Regal and Ambrose have an epic exchange of facial expressions and gestures. Maxine even gets involved with some rather twisted smiles of her own. The ending of this show was highly entertaining. Regal and Ambrose are absolute gold, and Maxine is really coming into her own.


The matches this week weren’t great by FCW standards, but there was some top notch storytelling. Frankly, FCW continues to whip Raw in every area. Maybe the wrong people are in charge of each respective show.

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