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WWE Monday Night Raw 10/17 Review

Pre-taped Monday Night Raw episodes are rarely of a high quality, and this episode is no different. The highlight was the crowd because the Mexican fans know what’s up. I did expect a bit larger of a reaction for Alberto Del Rio’s entrance on his home soil, but the crowd made up for it during his actual match. CM Punk is no longer the “Voice of the Voiceless,” but is instead just the Voiceless at this point. The opening match was decent from a storytelling perspective, and the finale of the show is worth checking out, but everything in between was flat. I expected a bigger focus on wrestling with the show being in another country, but WWE talked their way through Mexico it seems.


The show opened with John Laurinaitis talking for about ten minutes, so that’s an auto-fail. The guy is a mess on the mic because he has no comedic timing and stumbles over his words. Him booking a match between JR and Cole made things somehow worse. If there’s one thing worse than John Laurinaitis, it’s Michael Cole. I’m rarely a fan of non-wrestling character, but apparently Vince thinks that’s what the world needs more of.

Randy Orton, John Morrison, & Sheamus v Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, & Christian (**): The heel team is the money in this match. Three great heel characters, all very different, and each effectively built into the top tier this year. The match quickly became a regular tag match when Orton chased Rhodes out of the arena. Morrison didn’t fit into the match from a storyline standpoint, but he carried his share of the load. Sheamus chasing Christian out of the arena was a bit of overkill, but I guess it worked for this bout. Henry crushing Morrison when they were left alone was fitting.

Brodus Clay videos still feel like bad timing. Mark Henry-lite isn’t something WWE TV needs right now.

Another John Laurinaitis segment where he seems to be his worst enemy on the mic. Vince is really going out on a limb with this guy.

Natalya Neidhart w/Beth Phoenix v Eve Torres w/Kelly Kelly (**): Cole referring to himself playing “hoop in the streets” was the highlight of the match. Eve continues her winning ways as she is next in line for a title shot. There was no crazy squealing like you’d expect from a segment featuring Kelly Kelly. The match was short, but it was refreshing that the action focused on the combatants in the ring solely.

The Miz w/R-Truth v CM Punk w/HHH (**): Punk doesn’t get a chance to cut a promo (and don’t just say because they’re in Mexico), but Truth and Miz did their thing. The crowd was electric at points for this one. Punk nearly crashed and burned on his Suicide Dive, but got up and did a bow to lighten the moment of possible injury. Miz is inconsistent in the ring, sometimes his moves are crisp, but other times he’s flailing around. The pausing of the match was the epitome of garbaggio. Laurinaitis comes out to stop the match because HHH apparently has immigration problems, which is stupid in itself, but extra logic fail because HHH isn’t even in the match. R-Truth doing the Scott Hall point to the back was funny, but HHH made sure to put himself over by laying Truth out with one punch before leaving. Mexico with their own “a-hole” chants at two points of this segment (Truth/Miz promo and Laurinaitis portion), and that my friends is comedy. The match resumed long enough for Punk to do a Randy Savage Elbow and small package for the victory. The Miz/Truth beat down was to be expected post-match because Punk isn’t a super hero like Orton/HHH/Cena.

Jack Swagger w/Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero v Zack Ryder (*): I dug the Anti-American heat Swagger and Ziggler were able to pull from the crowd. Zack Ryder coming out with a quick win over Swagger sure doesn’t hurt the “Internet Champion”. Mason Ryan saving Ryder still isn’t going to be enough to get him over.

Mason Ryan v Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero & Jack Swagger (**): This was more of a match. Ziggler was bumping all over the place for Ryan. It was lame that Ryan lost by DQ for beating on the smaller man. How is Ziggler the heel in this situation?

Alberto Del Rio & Michael Cole v Jim Ross & John Cena (**): Jim Ross slapped Cole impressively hard to start the bout. Sadly it wasn’t the type of slap that turned Cole’s character back into a normal human being. Del Rio flew off the top rope with a (little) Jimmy Snuka-like headbutt, but the commentators didn’t know what to call it and no sold it. Del Rio turning on Cole just like he did on Punk last week was theatricality at its finest. It’s always nice to see Cole buried for a finish, so this had that going for it. It was the best match of the night as Del Rio and Cena did their thing, and the crowd did their thing. Del Rio getting the post-match beat down from John Cena was weak, but at least the crowd booed Cena for the most part.


The final segment is interesting because it seems like it takes place in a bizaroo world where John Cena is the heel. The rest of the show was more of the same.


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