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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/28 Review

It is once again time for my favorite show of the week, and it isn’t Raw. That’s probably a good thing, because while bringing forth entertaining bits, Raw often doesn’t seem to be able to deliver the complete package of a weekly television show. Smackdown has always been more consistent for the last year, and rarely fails to leave a bad taste in my mouth. I expect this week will be no different, with a few exciting match-ups from what I’ve read of the card.


The combination of CM Punk and Christian dueling it out on the mic is novel, and quite enjoyable, though a bit less than I expected. Then again, it’s a one-off match with no feud connected to it…yet, so it wouldn’t be completely compelling. It was a great way to open the show, though, and CM Punk’s unexpected presence adds to his appearance. That’s the best way to get a good pop from the crowd when it comes to Punk.

Awesome Truth(The Miz & R-Truth) v Air Boom(Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston)(C+): Fun tag match with a lot of chemistry from both teams. Every time these teams get together, a great match transpires. I would love to see another Tag Title re-match between them. Truth and Miz’s new Tag finisher is wicked.

The promo following the match was good stuff, though nothing revolutionary. It did help get the significance of Awesome Truth over, as well as hype the possible tag match at Survivor Series between them and the team of Rock and Cena.

Having a feud over who was the better wrestler between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart is beyond ridiculous, but it gets Tyson Kidd and Daniel Bryan in a match with some pre-tense. I’m down for any angle between Bryan and Kidd, as they put on good matches together.

Broskiswoggle is the best thing ever. Aksana is still involved with Teddy Long. Next.

Wade Barrett v Trent Barreta(C): Short but sweet contest between these two. Being that is a glorified squash, there wasn’t much to it, but the finish was wicked. Plus, Trent could sell a bag of excrement to a germophobe. I’m hoping that one day WWE utilizes his talent and lets him win some matches on Smackdown, let alone Superstars. Not to say I’m disappointed with Barrett apparently getting a new push, because I’ve been waiting for this to happen since The Corre broke up.

Randy Orton v Dolph Ziggler(B-): Each time these two have gotten in the ring together, it’s produced magic. Each blow looked strong and realistic, which probably has a lot to do with Ziggler’s ability to sell like a champ. One day, Ziggles will be in the main event and he’ll put on a great title match with Orton. Orton makes Ziggler look like gold here, and it just helps to propel Dolph to higher levels. Greatly executed.

For a split second, Hunico almost looked like a Briscoe Brother. I’m glad he’s carrying on past the Negro gimmick…but the half Spanish/half English promo won’t cut it unless he translates everything he says. I hope that’s a stylistic choice, and not because he’s too limited in English words. That could be the difference between a future star or a future endeavored star.

Daniel Bryan v Tyson Kidd(C+): A bit shorter than I had expected(and hoped), but it made the best of its time. It was lightning quick with a lot of convincing offense and great build. I hope there’s more between these two in the near future, especially a Pay-Per-View match. However, if Bryan’s recent track record is anything to go off of, there will be no such thing of the sort. The feud might continue for a couple weeks on Smackdown, but we’ll be lucky to get a PPV blow-off, especially when a low-carder(Tyson) is involved.

Big Show is already starting to get boring on the mic. I personally don’t care for his “Soft, Honest Talk with The Fans” motif. Henry, on the other hand, continues to improve and show more personality than he’s shown in his whole career. Tonight isn’t the best example of that, but he’s still sounding good.

CM Punk v Christian(C+): Some really nice spots in this match that were a nice change of pace from the typical fair. Sheamus and Del Rio getting involved is a good way of keeping both competitors feuds going, but I felt like with both Del Rio AND Sheamus’ interference, the finish was a tad over-booked. In particular, the fact that neither interference directly played into the other makes at least one of them pointless. Still a good main event, despite that main gripe.


A phenomenal episode with great match-ups throughout. One of the best put together Smackdowns in a while, almost every storyline being touched upon and developed in some way, INCLUDING Raw feuds. How is it that the flagship Monday Night program can’t get things right like this often enough?

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