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Tonight is no doubt going to be geared towards building the feud between Big Show and Mark Henry. If it leads to a bunch of destruction and hatred, I’m all for it. I found it entertaining last time they were butting heads, so I have faith that they can keep up on that ideal. My only issue is if this leads to Big Show winning the belt, then it ruins what I love about this storyline: the possibility of Mark Henry putting Big Show down for good, giving him ultimate dominance.


41-Man Battle Royal( Randy Orton )(C+): With the mass amount of people in the ring, it’s no doubt this match started as a giant cluster of confusion, but it was still interesting. It picked up as the ring started clearing out, with a few nods to possible feuds, dream matches, and current angles. One of the highlights were Christian getting back in for revenge on Sheamus for eliminating him, which set up a string of events for the night. The other was the finish, which was done wonderfully, with an RKO that looked like it killed Orton’s back more than anyone. Battle Royal excitement at its finest.

Beth Phoenix v Kelly Kelly(C-): For the most part, it was your average Divas affair. Not much worth of mention here, as it was pretty short. However, it’s worth noting that Kelly pulled off a beautiful looking Head Scissors DDT, without spinning for an extra few seconds with a high shrill.

I loved seeing Sin Cara Azul attacked by Negro, showing their feud boil down into bitter dregs of malefice. I’m hoping the face Sin Cara comes out with a new color.

Justin Gabriel v Sin Cara Negro (C): A fun, yet brief, bout. Gabriel continues to grow and show rising potential, while Negro proves that he’s the superior Sin Cara. Still, it was too short to develop into anything truly gripping.

Alberto Del Rio v Sheamus(C): The match itself was pretty average. It had psychology and fun moves, but both parties followed their typical formula. The best part was the finish, when Christian cost Sheamus the match. It built off of their encounter in the battle royal, and yet again provides us with an organic feeling angle. The Christian/Sheamus feud has been awesome.

Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger v Zack Ryder & Kofi Kingston (C+): A nice, high drama match. There wasn’t any new or creative offense for the most part, but all pretty believable and executed well(omitting Kofi, who had a couple strikes that didn’t look like they connected). With Ryder getting the pin, I have hope that they haven’t forgotten about the recent push he’s been getting. It’s a thin hope, though.

I always love Sheamus’ Folk Tale promos, and its great that they’re really getting the feud between Sheamus and Christian over. Definitely a future title main event.

Mark Henry v Randy Orton (C): I didn’t expect much from this match, as I feel Orton and Henry have done everything they can other than Orton maybe beating him finally. That being said, it’s not as if the match uninteresting. It just didn’t bring anything new to the table, and was just a vessel to relay the feuds of Orton/Rhodes and Big Show/Henry. Honestly, I’m just happy that Orton didn’t win, and Rhodes and Orton are almost officially locked in a feud.


Altogether, this was a pretty enjoyable Smackdown. The match quality wasn’t the best I’ve seen them put out, but the lack of over-saturation is welcome. I’m liking all the feuds that seem to be developing, and they’ve done a good job of getting most of them pushed. Let’s just hope the ‘E will actually stick to their storyline plans.

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