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TNA Impact Wrestling 10/6 Review

Impact was the best wrestling show on television this week. You don’t hear that too often, but they’re on a roll with their World Championship angle. The Hogan/Sting stuff isn’t nearly as interesting, but even that has more basis in wrestling than what’s going on with The E currently. TNA also managed to leave Mexican America on the cutting room floor or at home, I can’t tell which. I realize that Mike Tenay and Taz are a quality commentary duo after the countless weeks of Michael Cole’s nonsense. I hear these guys every week, and unlike most sports commentary they rarely stick out for saying something ignorant. Sure they goof up from time to time, but that’s part of dealing with the pace of wrestling. They don’t step over each other to make their point and that’s the key. Good show all around (discounting Bischoff/Hogan).


Fantastic opening promo from Beer Money. James Storm puts over Knoxville, rips Hogan for holding youngsters back, and handles his business. Roode puts Storm over by saying he’s the one that can get him ready for the PPV by giving him the best match possible. These two have great chemistry, but I’m sure that’s been said before by a ton of people.

Kazarian v Gunner (**): Gunner nearly busted his head on the concrete when he took an early bump to the floor, luckily he did not. Gunner focused on the shoulder, and his attention went a long way. It was nice to see Kaz selling the shoulder, as that’s the main weakness in his game. The ending was a sudden, and a bit of a surprise, but it worked. The DQ seemed to be out of nowhere. He held on after the bell, but it wasn’t even for five seconds. Heels get away with that all the time, so it came off a little strange. Tenay called it a “post-match” attack, but it didn’t feel like one.

Anderson/Ray had a quick/effective segment. Very little time wasted. They give ECW a wink and set-up a Falls Count Anywhere match at BFG.

Bischoff talked about nothing.

Kendrick talked about too much. Kid Kash took care of that though, and had his own best segment since his TNA return. Profanity and a stiff smack in the mouth, that’s wrestling.

Velvet Sky & Mickie James v Madison Rayne & Winter w/Angelina Love (***): Madison Rayne screaming “Earl” at referee Earl Hebner was extra funny due to their last encounter. Mickie was the stand-out in this one. She did a little bit of everything and was on top of her game. Velvet was awkward, as was her Sit-Out Pedigree on Winter. The ending went over well because it gave a taste of the chaos to be had in the Knockouts Championship match at Bound for Glory. Madison Rayne has been at her best since losing the title.

They keep showing Hulk Hogan’s best Impact moments, and they’re all just him walking to the ring. Weaksauce.

Any segment that begins with Eric Bischoff and his own entrance is an automatic fail in my book. The crowd popped for Jeff Hardy coming into the fold. Bischoff talked for an extended length, even after Hardy came out. Hardy went with a Twist of Fate instead of any true retort. Hardy running away when Immortal hit the ring was well played. It was as if he genuinely didn’t know they were coming to get him.

Samoa Joe v Crimson (**): Joe doesn’t cover his face/head for Crimson’s knees, unlike most other people who have taken them. This makes the move (and their overall brawl) look much better. Crimson continues his anti-Goldberg win streak, which means he tries to win as the underdog each time. The underdog streak works decently due to Crimson’s salesman abilities, but I’m still not sure the crowd is sold on him.

A nice video package before the Beer Money match highlights Bobby Roode. It isn’t too long, features hockey and his parents, so there’s nothing bad you can really say.

James Storm v Bobby Roode (***): Storm toasting with a crowd member, and getting beer on him, was hilarious. I also get a kick out of both guys having the same entrance music, you don’t see that often (since NWO). An entertaining mirror battle of sorts between both Beer Money members. I’ve always thought the Blockbuster was a great maneuver, and Roode was wise to adapt it to his needs. The match was really on a roll before the Ref Bump/Angle involvement. The way Storm hit the stairs when Angle threw him made no sense and was just an awkward bump. The ending allows Roode’s momentum to continue while not burying Storm as the weaker member of his team. Perhaps they can continue this on a PPV for the World Title.

The last eleven or so minutes of the show were Hogan pretending to retire, Sting calling him out, and them agreeing to do a match. The crowd wasn’t reacting at all, and the canned heat used to put it over made it laughable. The opening promo was on the point as Hogan couldn’t follow Beer Money. Sting versus Hogan doesn’t seem to be shaping up well at all.


I’ll probably enjoy Sting v Hogan for one last go, but this build-up has been garbaggio. Luckily Roode saves the day.


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