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TNA Impact Wrestling 10/27 Review

Last week Impact Wrestling left a horrible taste in my proverbial mouth. There wasn’t much wrestling, and a lot of the same faces returned from the PPV to get their final word in. This week Angle, Hogan, and Dixie Carter stayed home. There’s still Bischoff and his son on the show, so everything isn’t perfect, but there was far more wrestling on the show this week. There’s not a ton of time for the matches on a television show, so I try not to let duration factor in too much with match ratings. The main event segment was as lame as one can be sadly, but at least it was under six minutes.


Some fresh faces in the usual take on the opening. I didn’t expect to see Samoa Joe in the open, or to hear he has a number one contender match, so that was a pleasant surprise. Sting as commissioner seems perfect, and fits into everything well. James Storm is fantastic on the mic, and he had a nice exchange with the Samoan Submission Machine.

Christopher Daniels fits in a quick promo before the first break, and calls Rob Van Dam “Bob,” I believe.

Rob Van Dam v Christopher Daniels (***): I like the way both of these men have been positioned lately. RVD has been putting on classic early card showings, and Daniels is being built up into a top heel. The match is a quality television offering. Daniels is best when he’s playing devious, and him weasling out of the match via DQ was good. AJ and Daniels continue their feud, which is never a bad thing.

Tara v Gail Kim w/Madison Rayne, Karen Jarrett, & Traci Brooks (***): Gail and company went on a long-winded tangent before the match. The usual Karen Jarrett influenced promo ensued. These ladies pulled of a technical bout with the time given. Tara’s strikes aren’t the best, but she makes up for it with her heavy lariats. Gail Kim is basically the female American Dragon, and it’s a treat to watch her work. Nice of TNA to appreciate that fact.

TNA Television Championship Match: Eric Young (C) v Robbie E. w/Rob Terry (**): The match is decent, but far too short for them to get anything of note going. The post-match beat down may have been longer than the bout itself, but it was funny. Robbie E doing the air crossover had me rolling. Eric Young worked the mic majestically as always, but sadly an actual Jersey Shore member will be coming in for this feud.

The Bischoffs’ feud is of no interest to PINFALL Magazine. Ric Flair berating the younger Bischoff wasn’t too bad, but that’s because only Flair talked.

Jeff Hardy v Bully Ray (**): Jeff Jarrett coming out to challenge Hardy to a pre-match brawl was a bit random. I mean their storyline is on-going, but the way it went down was a little strange. I didn’t expect TNA to give away Hardy’s return match on free TV. There’s practically no hype surrounding it, and when he returned to camera they went all out to build it up. Is this how they prove “wrestling matters”. These two have both come a long way since their tag team feuds. I assume Hardy meant to rock the pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The match was fine, and I enjoyed the clean finish, especially after the wild start. The run-ins afterward will undoubtedly lead to Hardy/Anderson v Bully/Jarrett.

Number One Contender’s Match: Samoa Joe v Bobby Roode (***): This was a hard hitting, well paced, high impact match. You don’t see too many Death Valley Drivers on television, but Samoa Joe supplied one here, which led to a great near-fall. I thought the Muscle Buster reversal toward the end came off as Samoa Joe being like “f it” half way through the move, so that looked silly. Good match overall, and I’m just glad Joe had a match with some meaning for once.

More Bischoffs to end the show, but still not interesting. I love Ric Flair, but not even he could make this watchable. This may have been TNA’s way of letting people go watch the World Series, but I doubt that was the true intention.


Not sure what they are thinking with the Bischoff Family Feud, but it’s certainly no main event in any reality but Sleazy E’s.


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