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TNA Impact Wrestling 10/13 Review

Impact Wrestling continues to improve weekly. The Bobby Roode push is full steam ahead and going swimmingly. They managed to sneak in a surprise run-in, which is nearly impossible to do these days. The only problem is that they’re still pushing Sting/Hogan as a main event. While some people, including myself until this week, want to see this match, it’s not nearly as emotionally involving as the Roode/Angle scenario. There were no signs of Eric Young on the card, and that’s never a positive. Jeff Hardy has been infused back into Impact cleverly. Taz and Tenay continue to be the best commentary duo on television. Impact get a bad wrap, but they seem to be heading in a positive direction.


Opening with an Angle/Roode showdown makes sense. The fake crowd noise edited in doesn’t. Angle seemed to be slurring his words oddly, and I have no idea what that’s about. Someone brought up pugilistic dementia, and hopefully that’s not it. The promo works, just like this entire angle has. Roode being booked into a Handicap match is another “roadblock”, which is exactly what you’d expect before the PPV.

Rob Van Dam & AJ Styles v Jerry Lynn & Christopher Daniels (***): This match started backstage before the break, which wasn’t too shabby. RVD coming from the back to make the save happened in slow motion though, and that’s never fun to see. Lynn and Daniels is an interesting team, they even color coordinated with the red. The match features some nice action, mostly between Styles/Daniels. I dug the finish, as Styles punks Daniels while doing the Styles Clash to Jerry Lynn. Their feud is about a decade old, but I still enjoy their work.

Samoa Joe v Matt Morgan (*): This is the definition of giving away a PPV match for free as this is one of the few feuds TNA has been building up for a month or so. The match itself wasn’t PPV quality, don’t get me wrong, but the build-up deserves better. Morgan practically squashes Joe.

After the match Crimson comes out to save Morgan from Joe, and Joe books a match between all three men. Not quite sure when Joe got booking powers, but the promo was intense.

Mexican America come out an imply rape in their promo. Ink Inc come out and get a beat down until Christina Von Eerie saves the day. She’s the highlight of the segment, and the best worker involved.

Jesse Sorrensen & Brian Kendrick v Kid Kash & Austin Aries (**): Kid Kash may be the stiffest member of the X-Division. Every little thing Aries does is entertaining, whether it’s doing an extra jump for momentum, or leg kicking Sorrensen for the rope break. Kendrick took a mean corner bump. Seeing him rock kick-pads with no shoes was hilarious. Another short tag match, but entertaining yet again.

Karen Angle is TNA’s answer to Vickie Guerrero, only she’s nowhere near as talented, and gets nowhere near as much heat. The whole Knockouts segment was passable, as it was annoying promo meets laughable brawling.

AJ cuts a decent backstage promo before getting a beat down of his own from Daniels.

Scott Steiner w/Bully Ray v Ken Anderson (*): Scott Steiner has been on the back-burner for months, but I’m still a fan. Abyss’ Immortal storyline that hasn’t been continued for a while gets a blow-off here. The match itself is standard stuff, nothing stands out. Not sure why Anderson is working with a shirt on, must think he’s The Rock. The biggest pop of the segment was Bully Ray grabbing a table. Anything involving the Immortal stable is a mess. The worst part of the match was all the ignored interference. The whole thing game off with no heart.

Quick segment between Angle/Storm for some mind games came off strong. They’re not over-killing the Roode story, but they are giving it a great build.

Gunner & Jeff Jarrett w/Karen Jarrett v Bobby Roode (**): This much would be more effective if they didn’t just give Anderson a handicap match last week. It was nice to see the clean finish for Roode. I didn’t like Roode holding on after the bell. It made him look like a heel (TNA always does this with faces), but it also tore at the logic fabric (TNA also does this constantly). Baby Hebner DQ’d Gunner last week for holding a submission for a few seconds after the bell, but this week Roode holds Gunner for even longer, and there’s no decision reversal.

Immortal attacking Roode post-match was no shock, but Jeff Hardy making the save (after Storm failed) was a wise way to mix Hardy into the show. Everyone hugging it out was good babyface storytelling.

Jarrett and Hardy’s conversation after the commercial wasn’t needed, but didn’t hurt. Never heard the term “flounder” used as an insult before.

The Hogan/Sting contract signing was the opposite of “must see TV”. Sting has been doing everything in his power to make this storyline something to watch, but Hogan just doesn’t have it. Bischoff being in the mix doesn’t add anything of worth. Hulkster is no more, Hollywood is no more, and this current Hogan has nothing left.


That’s how you go into a PPV!


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