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TNA Bound For Glory 2011 Predictions

TNA/Impact Wrestling have done a great job of building up their Bound For Glory PPV. It all started with the Bound For Glory Series, which was a bit messy, but had a great end result. The Sting/Hogan feud has been building up since the mid-90′s, and that will probably lead to a decent number of buys on name recognition alone. The Knockouts Division has been the lone female wrestling bright spot on television all year, and Bound For Glory features the top four ladies from that division duking it out for the title. Austin Aries puts his X-Division title on line, which is always PPV-worthy. Even Samoa Joe is on the card (in a match he booked himself). Bound For Glory has the blueprint for success, now it’s all about execution.

Knockout’s Championship 4 Corners Match: Winter (C) v Mickie James v Madison Rayne v Velvet Sky: All of these ladies are feasible options. Mickie is always the safe option, Winter and Madison are proven heel champions, and Velvet Sky is the biggest star of the division. Velvet is as due as they come though, and she deserves a run with the title.

Prediction: Velvet Sky via PINFALL over Madison Rayne.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match: Mexican America (C) v Ink INC.: I liked the way TNA snuck Christina Von Eerie into the Ink INC. equation this past episode of IMPACT. Everything else about this feud is rather dull, including the teams actually in the match.

Prediction: Mexican America retain via PINFALL.

Samoa Joe v Matt Morgan v Crimson: This whole Joe thing has been strange. It’s similar to what WWE has done with Mark Henry this year all the way down to the leg injuries. Joe has been flirting with ending Crimson’s streak all year, but they mostly only work IMPACT matches, and that’s not where it’ll happen. Matt Morgan may still not be at actual 100% health, but who is in this business? Either way it doesn’t seem like TNA trusts any of these three guys to get each other over effectively, and they’re just hoping something (Crimson) sticks.

Prediction: Crimson steals the match via PINFALL on Samoa Joe. Morgan and Crimson remain buddy-buddy.

X-Division Championship Match: Austin Aries (C) v Brian Kendrick: Not expecting anything mind blowing from a storytelling aspect, but these two will do their best to steal the show with their in-ring work. I don’t see Aries giving the title up yet.

Prediction: Austin Aries defeats Brian Kendrick via PINFALL.

Rob Van Dam v Jerry Lynn: It’s been going on for more than a decade and they still get the best out of one another.

Prediction: Rob Van Dam defeats Jerry Lynn via PINFALL.

I Quit Match: AJ Styles v Christopher Daniels: (See RVD v Jerry Lynn)

Prediction: AJ Styles SUBS Daniels.

Falls Count Anywhere: Bully Ray v Ken Anderson: If these two go stiff, take some sick bumps and shed a little blood, this could be a very entertaining brawl. I suspect it won’t feature any of those things.

Prediction: Ken Anderson defeats Bully Ray via PINFALL.

Hulk Hogan v Sting: I imagine this match will feature more posing than actual wrestling. I hope they figure out a way to make it worth the watch. I predict at least one Hogan belt whipping spot.

Prediction: Hogan defeats Sting via PINFALL after multiple interference attempts.

TNA World Championship Match: Kurt Angle (C) v Bobby Roode: Kurt Angle may be a lot of things, and clutch is one of those things. These two are going to wake the crowd up, and might pull off the best TNA Title match of 2011. Bobby Roode is the only one who has something to gain, so TNA will probably do right by him here.

New World Champion Bobby Roode defeats Kurt Angle via PINFALL.


I’m not picking anything crazy because I just don’t see it. Some solid wrestling bouts will play out, and the PPV should be a success from a quality standpoint. I’m not sure if Hogan/Sting will truly effect the buyrates in a large way, but I hope for TNA/Impact Wrestling’s sake that it does help.


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