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NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 57 Review

In back to back shows, The Tribe defend their NWA Heritage Titles. In this episode, The Navajo Warrior and The Hawaiian Lion square off against James Morgan and Eric Watts of The Family Stone. We also get an update on Shawn Spears and find out who will be challenging Scorpio Sky next for the TV Title. The best part of this show is the surprise upset that occurs. One more note before the review, the lights at The Showcase seem to be a little dimmer on this show. Let’s just hope this isn’t an omen of some kind. NWA Hollywood is such an awesome promotion and you can support it by watching at


Gregory Sharpe vs. Robbie Phoenix (C): Cedric “The Hitman” walks out with an old school neck brace on that totally reminds me of Bobby Heenan. He can’t believe that NWA Hollywood booked him in a match tonight. Cedric mentions that he has to have surgery and might not be wrestling for a while. He introduces his personal hitman for the night, Robbie Phoenix. Robbie throws down a Russian leg sweep off the second rope, a move that came off looking really cool. I believe this to be Gregory Sharpe’s first appearance in NWA Hollywood. Gregory has a good showing, but Robbie gets the “W”. Of course, Cedric comes in after the match and shows that his neck is fine by hitting Gregory Sharpe with a few more moves.

Lucky O’Shea has found her new assistants. The two lucky dudes are Young Hollywood.

Lucky O’Shea vs. Davina Rose (C): Young Hollywood introduces Lucky O’Shea, but they do more than that. They play the part of the interfering manager as well. Young Hollywood tries to give Lucky some water and end up spilling it on her. This allows Davina Rose to roll up O’Shea for the victory.

Adam Pearce does a promo from Houston, Texas. A.P holds an open contract that invites Stu Stone to sign any wrestler to a Worlds Title shot. “Scrap Iron” advises Stu to pick wisely because this might be his last opportunity.

Dave Marquez is in the middle of the ring for an interview with Television Champion, Scorpio Sky. With one title defense down, Dave Marquez wants to know where Scorpio Sky goes from here. Sky has been talking with the NWA booking committee and the next contender for the title is Willie Mack. Willie walks out with some Beats by Dre on. The two exchange words and shake hands at the end of it. This match should be awesome. We will see if it can live up the caliber of match Scorpio Sky and Ray Rosas had.

Shaun Ricker vs. Johnny Yuma (C): The fact that RockNES Monsters are no more really disappointed me. The positive is Yuma has been doing an outstanding job competing solo. Ricker takes a couple lazy pin attempts and gets rolled up for the 1-2-3! Yuma pulls off the upset in a very short match. This is so awesome to see Yuma get a win after all the quality matches he has had of late.

Timothy Thatcher vs. Terex (B): I have been waiting for this match for a while now. Two dudes who both have been on a rampage in NWA Hollywood. Before the match starts both commentators talk about how Shawn Spears cannot compete in the United States anymore. This is a bummer for NWA Hollywood, but they will move on like they always do when a big name leaves. As for this match, Thatcher does the most damage ever done to Terex in his NWA Hollywood career. When Thatcher realizes that Terex is not going down for the count, he grabs a chair and disqualifies himself by nailing Terex on the back with it. A good way to end their first bout. Now, these two can meet down the road again. I just really question how long Terex can work a match for. I am not sure if he is capable of wrestling a 15-20 minute match.

NWA Heritage Tag Titles: The Tribe (Navajo Warrior & Hawaiian Lion (c) vs. The Family Stone (James Morgan & Eric Watts) (B): Stu provides comedy before the match like he always does. The Family Stone is going to Sizzler when they win these titles. Also, Stone jokingly says since Spears can’t be in the stable anymore that the newest member will be Colt Cabana. For some reason we come back from commercial with the championship match already in progress, something that always bugs me. The Family Stone work on Hawaiian Lion until he can make the hot tag to Navajo Warrior. Eventually, The Tribe pick up the victory and The Family Stone is 0-2 in their last two title matches.


This was an all right episode, it didn’t have the stand-out match that NWA Hollywood usually has. I thought I would mention that NWA Hollywood always is flashing the next date they will taping on the screen during their shows. This episode it just said to check for news and info. I did and there was still no scheduled taping.

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