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NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 56 Review

This show features two title bouts. The Tribe defends their Heritage belts against the team known as Super Smash Brothers and Adam Pearce puts the Worlds Title on the line against Family Stone member, Eric Watts. Does “one last ride” come to an end tonight? We find this answer out, in addition we get to see Peter Avalon attempt to defeat his hated rival, Ryan Taylor. Peter has been furious ever since he lost his locks, this match is must see. Another tremendous night for NWA Hollywood wrestling. As Mills Lane would say “Let’s get it on!”


NWA Heritage Tag Titles: Super Smash Brothers vs. The Tribe (B): The Tribe is sporting some rad USA themed face paint for this match. Right away, the strength of The Tribe is apparent. Player Uno and Player Dos both get out done in the strength category right away. Like the commentators say, the quickness is what brings on the offense for Super Smash Brothers. The offense their quickness brings on does not last long. The Tribe are on fire since winning the Heritage Tag Titles and Navajo Warrior and Hawaiian Lion look like they don’t want to let go of those title belts anytime soon. It does get more competitive after Player Dos single-handedly takes out both members of The Tribe. Ultimately, Reservation Devastation finishes the match in an entertaining opener.

Pinky vs. Nick Madrid (C): This is another match for Nick Madrid against a member of The Disorder. Pinky is compared to a villain from a Dick Tracy comic and the Grindhouse movie. I like the Dick Tracy comparison better. Nick Madrid makes short work of Pinky and soon after The Disorder comes out to begin the beat down on Madrid. It seems as though Joey Kaos is no longer with NWA Hollywood. A dude with a shaved head, some crazy sideburns and make up has taken over as the leader of The Disorder. He puts the finishing touches on Nick Madrid.

Young Hollywood vs. Terex (B): Young Hollywood challenges anybody in the back and the person that comes out is the moonsaulting beast, Terex. The double team tactics of Young Hollywood does phase the big man somewhat. A pair of back elbows and dropkicks put Terex on his heels. He catches a crossbody, but knees by Chandler to the back of Parker while he was in the grip of Terex sends the monster down finally. I don’t believe I have ever seen Terex off of his feet. He soon gets to his feet, this leads to the move everybody wants to see when Terex comes out, the moonsault.

Percy says he is staying around wrestling until he gets to manage an NWA Worlds Champion. He does have the man who is going to take the gold, Shaun Ricker. Ricker doesn’t care if it is Watts or Pearce, he is coming for them. Percy lets out a “WOOOO” to end the interview. A nice salute to the greatest NWA Worlds Champion of all-time, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

“Pretty” Peter Avalon vs. Ryan Taylor (A): A match between two long-time rivals here. These wrestlers know each other so well that it produces an excellent back and forth match. Ryan Taylor does get the victory again over PPA with a front flipping Snapmare, that is really the only way to describe it. Impressive, but Peter Avalon was looking for revenge on Ryan Taylor only to come up a little short. Best match of the night.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title: Eric Watts vs. “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce (A): Of course, Stu Stone grabs the mic before the match begins. Stuey talks about how Watts is going to end “Crap Daddy’s” one last ride. I personally don’t think so because “Scrap Daddy” is on a mission to reign supreme over NWA for a long time. Pearce rockets out of the corner and is all over Watts to begin this Worlds title match. Watts counters with knees to the gut and as soon as Pearce gains back control, Stu holds his leg as he hits the ropes. This sends the action to the outside for a minute before heading back into the ring where Watts slows the pace down. Pearce tries to get the momentum back, but is greeted with a huge boot by Watts. E-Dub tries to go to the top rope! His head almost hits the ceiling. He misses a splash, Pearce now with a second wind. Pearce is able to send Watts down with a suplex, soon after that he nails a hurricanrana on Watts! Really impressive stuff from both men. Pearce ends the match with his classic piledriver. Such a big man getting put in a Piledriver, it really looked like his head bounced off the canvas. Still your champion, the man Adam Pearce.


Another awesome show from NWA Hollywood. Two title fights and a grudge match? Cannot go wrong with a card like this one. The Terex/Young Hollywood fight was interesting, but I really wonder where they are going with Terex. The Tribe and Adam Pearce continue their winning streaks. Can anybody defeat these champions? It looks like Shaun Ricker is next in line for a shot at the 10 pounds of gold.

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