WWE OMG: The Top 50 Incidents in WWE History DVD Review

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I have to give it to the WWE, I’m sure they’re just trying to cash in a little bit on the Botchamania fandom, but this is an interesting DVD compilation. You can make a case for tons and tons of different moments for this list, but they nailed most of the trademark happenings. The four main people highlighted for this set are Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, Mick Foley, and The Undertaker. Each man makes multiple appearances, while a guy like The Rock only sees himself make the list once. I would have loved to see Roddy Piper’s Blackface Promo make the list, but they gave the Hot Rod fair enough due. Seeing guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan showing up to make comments regularly also helped step the entertainment value up a level. If you’re looking for a lighthearted look back at the history of the WWE, this DVD is worth checking out.


50 – The Tale of Two Hebners: The angle that brought Earl Hebner into our lives, which is probably for the worst. Hogan tossing whichever Hebner out of the ring (ala Bam Bam/Spike Dudley) was worth the video package.

49 – Nexus Invade Monday Night Raw: Anytime you get to see John Cena dismantled you’re living the good life. Daniel Bryan screaming at him was also a plus. It’s a shame they never went anywhere with Nexus, as this was a great start to the angle.

48 – Big Show Chokeslams Undertaker Through the Ring: Possibly the greatest Chokeslam of all-time. Taker brought the Chokeslam into my life, but Big Show being able to do that so easily to Taker was an impressive sight.

47 – Piper v Goldust Backlot Brawl @ WM12: An incredibly silly match, especially with the OJ references. The thing goes on during the entire PPV, and wasn’t as over as the canned heat on the DVD (or interviews for that matter) suggest.

46 – Jake the Snake Crashes Macho Man’s Wedding: Such a great way to start a feud. If comic books have taught the world anything, no wedding can end without a bad guy attacking.

45 – John Cena Botches a Double Attitude Adjustment: They talk up the spot like it went off flawlessly, but it was a mess. Dude gets Show and Edge on his shoulders, and it’s all downhill from there. Not an OMG moment, but an LOL moment.

44 – Taker Buries Paul Bearer in Cement: Another awesome segment. The way Paul Bearer screams “no!’ was hilarious. Undertaker and Paul Bearer have 50 OMG moments between them.

43 – DX Attacks WCW Headquarters: Some of the lamest segments in the history of wrestling, but at least they got a “Bischoff sucks” in there.

42 – New Age Outlaws Push Foley/Funk Off the Stage in a Dumpster: Talk about instant heat. Killing two of the most hardcore wrestlers in the history of wrestling is a great way to get over. The crowd’s reaction was sad though, but I guess that’s the Attitude Era.

41 – Austin Stalks Booker T at the Supermarket: When Stone Cold attacks on location, it’s always worth the watch. Hearing Austin sing “That’s Amore” and pouring milk all over himself is hilarious to this day. Booker sold the hell out of the beating.

40 – Taker v HHH @ Penn Station: A Tombstone on the escalator is something to see. It’s funny that Punk thought about HHH’s hair getting stuck because that’s what I always think when I see this Tombstone.

39 – Tim White Attempts Multiple Suicides: Tim White is awesome, but these are absolutely horrible. The fact that these are all wwe.com sketches makes them even worse, as no one even watched them.

38 – Vince Brings Eric Bischoff To Raw: There’s not a lot of good to say about Sleazy E, but seeing these two hug is surely an OMG moment. Everything after that involving Bischoff was useless however.

37 – Foley Puts Orton Over – It’s matches like this that make me respect Randy Orton more than John Cena. Dude has had a few solid bloody wars in his career, and this is possibly my favorite thing I’ve ever seen him do. Tacks everywhere!

36 – Taker Crucifies and Marries Stephanie McMahon: The funniest part is seeing Steph bounce on the ropes while Austin kicks the crap out of the entire Ministry. This is just another chapter in the great Austin/Vince saga.

35 – Diesel Attacks Mad Dog Vachon: They had to get Kevin Nash on the DVD somehow. I bet Mad Dog had a great time during this whole moment. Nash prancing around with the leg was funny.

34 – Roddy Piper Gives the Haiti Kid a Haircut: Roddy Piper was a devious villain. A fantastic way to pull in heat for the lead up to Piper v Mr. T.

33 – Vince in the Hospital: Mr. Socko is born, and Austin cracked Vince over the head with a bed pan, what more could you want? The bed pan over the head was possibly my favorite out of the ring moment in wrestling history.

32 – Moolah Takes a Jeff Jarrett Guitar Bump: Moolah took the guitar like a champ. Moolah could draw more even at that age than Jarrett in his entire career.

31 – Edge Cashes in the 1st Money in the Bank on Cena: I laugh at the fact that Cena reclaimed his belt by pinning Carlito. The crowd was supposed to boo Edge’s win, but they popped huge when Edge took the title from Cena. The worst part is Cena no-selling the beating by the time he reached the ramp.

30 – Kurt Angle Spoofs Austin with a Milk Truck: Kurt Angle was hilarious before he went full bald. Hearing JR scream “Milk-o-mania is running wild” made me laugh.

29 – Vince’s Kiss My Ass Club: The absolute worst moment in WWE history. Jerry Lawler saying “it was great” just goes to show how horrible it truly was. William Regal claimed that “it was an honor”.

28 – Jeff Hardy Take his Pyro to the Face: It looked like Jeff Hardy was being shot. Seemed like a legit f-up, sucks for him.

27 – Austin Blows DX’s Bus Up: Not even close the the level of the bed pan or supermarket scenes, but another classic Austin segment to be sure.

26 – HHH Steals Stephanie from Test: This was around the time that the greatest video game of all-time (WWF No Mercy) came out. It’s also the moment that the wrestling business died a little.

25 – Snitsky the Baby Punter: The funniest was Booker T confusing a punt with a field goal. The segment would have been funnier if Snitsky missed the kick, but funny nonetheless.

24 – Austin Cements VKM’s Vette: The windows breaking was the sight that stuck with me from this one. Austin was an OMG moment every week in those days. WWE hardly has any such moments lately.

23 – Randy Savage Snake Bitten: I’m not sure they could have planned a better Snake bite. It was perfections. Sold perfectly by everyone including Piper on commentary.

22 – Shane O’Mac Walks the Plank: Shane McMahon was one of my favorite performers during this time. Dude was like Foley when it came to putting his body on the line. Blackman beat the crap out of him, and then he took one of the highest bumps I’ve ever seen.

21 – HBK Turns on Marty Janetty: This is one of the most memorable happenings in wrestling history. When people think of HBK turning a corner in his career they think of this moment. Bobby Heenan puts the segment over perfectly.

20 – Tables, Ladders & Chairs Spear: The best Spear ever? Jeff and Edge even landed perfectly. It’s one of the greatest spots of either man’s career.

19 – Kane Lights JR on Fire: JR screaming in pain isn’t the kind of JR scream I like to hear. Jim Ross has done some crazy thing for this business, you have to respect the man.

18 – Austin Stuns McMahon: Vince sold the Stunner perfectly, just lying their having convulsions, eye wide open. Austin being taken away in handcuffs was iconic.

17 – Shane McMahon Crushed by Angle: The botches were brutal. Shane lands so hard on his head at one point that you can hear it clearly. The McMahons take beatings, have to give them that.

16 – Jeff Hardy Swantons Off the Stage Onto Orton: They should have put all the “Hardy Jumps Off Stuff” moments into one. Same stuff over and over.

15 – Foley Puts Edge Over: This wasn’t quite the OMG moment Orton/Foley was, but that’s just because I expect the insanity from Edge. Foley being put through the flaming table was pretty “OMG” though.

14 – Austin Rides the Zamboni into Raw: Austin using the zamboni as a ramp to the ring is another moment that will forever be a part of my memory. Another memorable McMahon bump, although not as insane as others. Not really sure how this was even 14th.

13 – Piper Smashes Snuka with a Coconut: Evil Roddy makes the list again. Not sure anyone could be as awesomely vile as the Hot Rod. Roddy toed the line better than anyone ever has.

12 – Shane McMahon Purchases WCW: This was another one of those amazing moments that the WWF just couldn’t follow up. The “invasion” was just nowhere near as impressive as it could/should have been. Great idea, poor execution. Surely a mark-out moment though.

11 – Mae Young Madness: Mae Young was one of those people that made me turn the channel. She wasn’t afraid to do insane things for Vince, but it didn’t mean I ever wanted to see them. Her giving birth to a hand still doesn’t make any sense, and even Lawler though it was “the dumbest thing”.

10 – Big Bossman Drags Big Show’s Dad’s Coffin Away: Another silly segment. Not sure how this made the top 10, but the way Show rolls off the coffin is hilarious. RIP Bossman.

9 – Montreal Screwjob: Still not sure if this was a work or not, but it’s definitely unforgettable. Hart writing “WCW” in the air was intense, but not as intense as the spit to the face. Daniel Bryan’s reaction was funny to see. See Wrestling with Shadows if you want more from this moment.

8 – Big Show/Lesnar Break the Ring: The ring breaking was awesome, but you have to love the crowd reaction (as well as referee Mike Chioda’s). Probably the coolest thing that either of the three men in the ring were ever involved in.

7 – Austin/Mike Tyson Showdown: Not even close to my top 10 OMG moments. I understand why it makes the list, but it’s a little too high up for my taste. It was tense, but nothing really even happened. Austin’s mic work was top level as always, but a push is hardly the 7th most OMG moment in WWE history.

6 – Vince McMahon Dies: One of the cheesiest moments in wrestling history, and one that was quickly thrown away. It felt like something out of a soap opera. It lasted no-time at all, as Chris Benoit’s tragedy took place. Vince just always wanted to be the focus of the show, even though he was useless once Austin was gone.

5 – Sable Removes Her Top: This was pretty OMG. Was it as crazy as the ring exploding? No, but it was something that everyone remembers. Sable was the second most must-see worker during the Attitude Era, whether or not anyone wants to admit it.

4 – Superfly Leaps Off the Cage: Jimmy Snuka was a large man, and he broke down many barrier with that leap off the cage. It may not be as mind blowing now, but this was a marquee moment in WWF/WWE history.

3 – Brian Pillman Pulls Out a Glock on Austin: Easily top 3. I just wonder what other madness Brian Pillman could have come up with. If you didn’t know who Brian Pillman was before those moment, you never forgot after.

2 – Stone Cold Hoses Rock/Vince w/Beer: The first OMG Moment to feature The Rock. Vince with another perfect sell. He was flopping around like a fish, and it’s still one of the best non-wrestling segments in wrestling history.

1 – Taker v Mankind Hell in a Cell: Mick Foley is a mad man. Taker never came off as more heartless than the night that he nearly killed The Micker. He played that “I don’t give a f***” attitude so perfectly. If you were a wrestling fan during this time, you remember this match.


WWE OMG: Top 50 Incidents in WWE History was a fun DVD to watch, but I feel like it lacks rewatchability. Once you’ve seen the list, you’re pretty much good to go. Final verdict is a rent/stream/borrow .


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