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SHIMMER Volume 37 DVD Review

SHIMMER Women’s Athletes is one of PINFALL Magazine’s top 3 indy feds to follow. They feature an all-female roster, and they pull it off with flying colors. Volume 37 features plenty of returning ladies, and a number of new faces find their way into the mix as well. There’s not a bad match on the disc, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to a SHIMMER production. Portia Perez and Dave Prazak are a stand-out commentary duo, and they put over the entire show with their masterful work. I’m a firm believer that a wrestling show is only worth watching when the commentary is on point, and Volume 37 fits the requirement.


MsChif v Kellie Skater (***): The crowd couldn’t have popped more for the return of MsChif. Ref Bryce continues to provide the best comedy sells of any referee in wrestling. Kellie is no slouch herself, as her act is one of my favorites in the world. MsChif’s bridging pin attempt out of Kellie’s Camel Clutch was smooth. Kellie’s kicks vary from weak looking to on the mark, but I like how she works them into the match. Effective opening match. The crowd was into the bout from both perspectives.

Mercedes Martinez with an effective promo. She may leave out a word or two, but she doesn’t slip-up, and is able to tell a story.

Courtney Rush v Mena Libra (***): First time I’m seeing either lady work. Rush’s Back Suplex looked devastating. This is one of those matches where the flash face (Rush) was lucky to be working with a crafty heel. Mena Libra comes off as someone who knows what she’s doing in the ring. The match isn’t long, but both ladies showed something positive.

Christina Von Eerie is introduced, and Sara Del Rey busts up her promo. A decent beatdown segment, but it went on a little too long.

LuFisto v Tomoka Nakagawa (***): I’m a huge fan of the on-going Eye Poke conversation out of Portia Perez and Dave Prazak on commentary. The crowd booing Nakagawa’s inanimate object work was profound. Shimmer crowds just get it. The Shoelace spot was something I’ve never seen before, but it played well. The rope running spot fit LuFisto’s anime gimmick perfectly. The Capture Suplex was the move of the match, but the real highlight was LuFisto remembering to sell Peek-A-Boo’s injuries.

Re-Generation X (Allison Danger & Leva Bates) v Mia Yim & Jamilia Craft (***): Leva and Danger as Doctor Who was funny to see. Dug the slapstick sell she had for Yim’s Double Knees in the corner. I laughed at Portia Perez on commentary saying, “packs a lot of punch with those kicks”. The match wasn’t long, but it was enjoyable. The crowd couldn’t get enough Re-Generation X (Bates/Danger).

cheerleader Mel and Madison Eagles split and mix promos, which is never a bad thing.

Christina Von Eerie v Sara Del Rey (***): The beating from the backstage segment picked up where it left off. Sara Del Rey has ferocious kicks. Von Eerie went for her rope trick to the apron one too many times, and I like that SDR kicked her head off the second time for it. Sara Del Rey losing a match where she squashed the other competitor was handled as well as possible. Clever booking with the count-out loss. Sara Del Rey basically destroyed Von Eerie before, during, and after the match.

Cheerleader Melissa v Athena (***): Cheerleader Melissa is a throwback to a time when wrestlers had great names like The Big Bossman and Jake the Snake. Melissa’s forearm nearly went through Athena’s face. It seemed that Melissa stopped to pose for a picture mid-Scoop Slam. How nice of her to give the fan such a quality photo-op. Portia Perez goes out of her way to put Athena over on commentary. This was the best match on the DVD to this point. Athena proves her athleticism, and that she can take a mean forearm (or 10).

Nikki Roxx & Ariel v The Knight Dynasty (Saraya Knight & Britani Knight) w/ Rebecca Knox (***): Rebecca Knox nails a pre-match promo. The Knights come out and pull the first legit heat of the show. They are the first mother/daughter tag team I’ve ever seen. Britani working the mic after the intros was the funniest bit of the affair. The girl plays her gimmick to a tee. Saraya makes ties whole thing together, as she doesn’t waste a movement or word. It was a by-the-numbers isolation tag match scenario, but the Knight Dynasty made quite an impression. The ending was wonderful, as the heat from the crowd increased.

Serena Deeb v Daizee Haze (****): I enjoyed what Daizee did with her pre-match promo, mixing in song titles to tell the story. The WWE missed out with Deeb. Haze works the crowd like a seasoned vet. The line “her arm hurts more than mine does”, may have been the line of the night. The match is technical and methodical. Serena Deeb selling the shoulder is the kind of thing that PINFALL Magazine loves to see. The second of three Deeb chest chops was the best. The finish didn’t re-write the book, but the entire match was impressive. Two ladies at the top of their game.

Ayako Hamada v Jessie McKay (***): This match was a lot like I expected it to be. Hamada was vicious, led McKay around, and eventually took the win. McKay took her chops like a champ though.

SHIMMER Tag Team Title Match: Canadian Ninjas (Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews) (C) v Hiroyo Matsumoto & Misaki Ohata (****): The Canadian Ninjas work the crowd better than most. Both teams are so wildly different, yet the compliment each other. The way the match was building up, I did not think the titles would be changing hands. Ohata and Matsumoto are a sharp duo, so SHIMMER made a great call by giving them the belts. Portia was always talking about Superkicking heads off, and the title reign ended with her doing that to her own partner, poetic justice.

SHIMMER Title Match: Madison Eagles (C) v Mercedes Martinez (***): Intense handshake to open it up. Usually I feel like Madison takes a few minutes to get going, but these two were off to the races from the get go. Madison rolling all the way to the outside, under the guardrail, to escape Martinez’s onslaught was so heel that Ric Flair would have smiled. I didn’t expect the bout to end on the finisher exchange, but it’s better than a roll-up cop out.


Looking forward to Volume 38!


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