Another stellar episode of NWA Hollywood. Man oh man, this week’s main event is one that you do not want to miss! In addition, we get the return of a fan favorite and a new challenger for the ten pounds of gold emerges. If you are not on the NWA Hollywood bandwagon, it is time to hop on. Enjoy the ride of one of the premier wrestling promotions around today.


The show kicks off with Percy Pringle in similar fashion of weeks ago, when the NWA Hollywood locker room was surrounding ringside. Pringle speaks on how he is looking for somebody that can bring the NWA World title back to him. Out of all the champions Pringle has managed, he has never managed an NWA World’s Champ. Percy says that man has been under his nose this whole time. Shaun Ricker walks out and has a quick word, letting everybody know they are witnessing history because he is the next champ. The four time champ interrupts Ricker and makes his way down the aisle to a big ovation from the fans of Hollywood. Scrap Iron doesn’t want to wait, he wants to have the match right now. Pringle and Ricker quickly bail out after they point out the fact that there is no contract. A really awesome opening segment, this always is the case when you involve Adam Pearce.

The Family Stone are backstage minus Shawn Spears. Stu says Pringle thinks he has the inside track on who is going to be the next champ. Well Stu has two title contenders. Spears is off training and Eric Watts is the biggest and nastiest man in NWA Hollywood.

Mike Santiago vs. Cedric The Hitman (C): A back elbow on Santiago while he isn’t looking starts the match off. Cedric executes a death valley driver onto his knee which looked gnarly. The end came with a botched fishermen buster. The match wasn’t anything of note, but the fact that Willie Mack is back is! After a two month hiatus, Willie returned with revenge on his mind. Willie landed three right hands before Cedric gets out of the ring and hits the road. Marquez gets a short interview with Mack where Willie talks about how nobody is going to stop him. So very cool to see Willie Mack return to NWA Hollywood. I think I can speak for all NWA Hollywood fans when I say he is one of our favorites.

Scorpio Sky hypes his first TV title defense tonight against Ray Rosas. I dug the line, that if Adam Pearce is the king of NWA Hollywood then he is the fresh prince.

Mikey O’Shea & Timothy Thatcher
vs. Terex & Disco Machine (B): It looks like Thatcher and Terex are going to lock up, but Thatcher tags in Mikey before they do. We all want to see Terex against Thatcher and NWA Hollywood is really building that up nicely. Disco Machine takes a beating for most of the match, but he keeps disco dancing. Disco finally gets the tag to Terex and Terex actually body slams Mikey O’Shea! The whole Showcase Theatre shook after that one. After Thatcher breaks up a pin attempt he comes face to face with Terex, only to run from him. Terex follows and it becomes a singles match between O’Shea and Disco Machine. Mikey hits a devastating Spinebuster for the victory.

Ray Rosas is a star in NWA Hollywood. He drops a move over rover, let Rosas take over line in this promo that had me busting up laughing.

Robby Phoenix vs. Freddy Bravo (C): Robby really works on the left arm of Bravo to begin. Bravo counters with working on the left leg of Phoenix. Bravo eventually plays possum when he falls down onto his ankle. This leads to him locking in an ankle lock on Robby.

TV Title Match: Scorpio Sky vs. Ray Rosas (A): Scorpio Sky and Ray Rosas are such talented wrestlers. This main event was one of my favorite matches in NWA Hollywood history. The crowd was into it and there was such an intense back and forth action complemented by near falls. These two went at it with power and agility. Their moves were so sharp. Scorpio went for a head scissors and Rosas countered it and sent Sky face first into the mat. This match had me every step of the way. Scorpio hit a Snapmare that drove Rosas’ head right onto the mat. A move the commentators said they had never seen before, I hadn’t either, it was so rad! Scorpio does get the win, but I hope this feud isn’t over. What a story Rosas and Sky told in that ring. I would love to see a rematch.


Thank you NWA Hollywood for that superb main event tonight. This company keeps moving in the right direction, never disappointing. If you are looking for an alternative to the other wrestling that is on TV, look no further. NWA Hollywood is hitting on cylinders right now. I cannot wait to see Ricker and Pearce go at it and the eventual match of Terex and Thatcher.

“Very American” Dayton Marinkovich

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